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Improving Productivity by Feeling Good

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Many articles offer useful information about improving your productivity. They present explanations and advice on how and why productivity increases and what method you can use. These range from assuming and relenting responsibility or control, making your team a unit and providing satisfactory service to your customers.

This article, on the other hand, is concerned with first making yourself feel good and then seeing a positive impact on your bottom line as a result.

Make sure to move around

They say that sitting is the new smoking. New research and reports come out frequently warning against the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. You yourself might have found that you feel sore, inflexible and unenergized at the end of the day or, even worse, at the beginning of it.

The good news, though, is that physical activity doesn’t have to be rigorous and utterly exhausting to be beneficial.

There are plenty of suggestions out there on how to find ways to be physically active around the office, from choosing stairs over elevators when going one or storeys up to stretches and exercises you can do at your desk. Give them a whirl and you will immediately notice your body being thankful.

Explore gadgets as a way to relax

There are numerous options out there to keep your mind and body occupied. You have surely seen some little gadgets here and there that promise a way to channel excess energy or tics. Some may at first glance seem gimmicky, but if you are aware you have a tendency to fidget or click a pen or something similar, you should think about trying some of these out.

Considering that the majority of them are not large investments, even if they don’t work out for you, they won’t set you back.

For example, if you a fidgeter, the exercises mentioned in the first paragraph may do wonders for you, as you may just be feeling a little stir crazy. If not, then there are other options. If you enjoy keeping your hands busy, there are dice with various ways to click or spin, or the  infamous fidget spinners. If an oral fixation is what ails you, make sure to stock up on gum, mints or healthy snacks, like baby carrots.

Focus on Your Rest

In addition to moving around, there are more and more channels urging people to take notice of their sleeping habits. Whether is getting a sufficient amount or improving its quality, sleep is found to be the foundation of much of our energy and mood, thus correlating closely with our productivity.

If you do recognize that you have trouble with some aspect of sleep, there is plenty of information out there about how to unplug and become as ready for sleep as possible.

The essential thing ultimately, is comfort. Choose the best size of mattress for your bedroom, factoring in the size of the room and bed frame, whether you sleep with another person or no and your future plans regarding moving or marriage. Then, get good quality sheets and a pillow that provides the right kind of support. Although these might be substantial investments, you are investing in your well-being. Once you have the optimal conditions, your sleep is bound to improve.

Make your work area your own

We all spend a good part of our day at our workstations. In fact, that is probably where we spend the majority of our days and, even if we don’t necessarily recognize it, it’s our home away from home. That is why it is a good idea to personalize this place.

With constraints such as space or office rules, there may not be a whole lot you can do. For your subconscious, however, a little goes a long way. A souvenir from a fun trip or a treasured gift or heirloom are usually very small and inconspicuous, but carry attached to them fond memories and induce positive emotions in us.

Other possibilities include having a favorite toy, comic book or some other memorabilia tucked away in a desk drawer. This makes it even less overt and you get a fun little kick every time you reach for something inside.

Consider Your Wardrobe

Do not underestimate the effect the knowledge that you look good (or your best) has on your mood. Additionally, do not underestimate the effect that it has on your coworkers and superiors. It certainly may seem too obvious or too easy a fix to pay that much attention to it on a daily basis, but picking out your outfits and taking care of the content of your closet is not only a form of self-care and affirmation, but it has a profound effect on your entire day.

When browsing and shopping, plan ahead and strive to make your wardrobe open to mixing and matching. If you often need to walk, definitely invest in good shoes and maybe insoles, as well as jackets and coats. One provides comfort to you and the other is part of the first impression you make.

Tailoring is another enormously useful tool you have. In the hands of a skilled professional, it can turn very ordinary and inexpensive items into something unique and gorgeous. Not only that, but it can also make you feel and look a whole lot better, leading to a spring in your step and an increase in your output.


Just like your mood or you level of motivation, it is perfectly normal for productivity to fluctuate. Do not berate yourself if you feel like you are not at your optimal every second of every day.

Like any kind of positive change, an increase in productivity ultimately has to come from within. Once you provide the best conditions you can for yourself by making sure you feel good and acting preemptively towards distractions, you will what exactly is hindering you and have a clear path to focus on fixing it.

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