A Productive Rant About You and SEO

SEOSearch engine optimization. It sounds cool, forward-thinking, and necessary. Well, to a large extent, it’s all three of those things. But a lot of business owners seem to be, for lack of a better word, afraid of SEO. They know of it, but only vaguely. Even those who know on some level that SEO may not be as complex as it’s sometimes made out to be are a bit apprehensive when it comes to actually using it.

For many, the solution may be as simple as getting someone else to worry about it. There are SEO agencies all over the place, after all. But they’re not always the cheapest agencies to work with. Though many of them can deliver excellent results, it’s known by many that even the best SEO work can often take months to see real gains from. And if these business owners don’t have the time, desire, or motivation to actually take on any SEO tasks themselves, then it can be tempting to simply ignore the whole thing.

And you can probably guess what I’m going to say about this course of action: big mistake.

I guess there’s one thing we should be clear about from the off: you’re not necessarily doomed without SEO. Many people out there – SEO evangelists in particular! – will try to convince you that SEO is the be all and end all of your business success. But this isn’t necessarily the case – there are certain businesses out there that won’t need SEO too much, especially if they’re focussed mainly on brick and mortar stores or restaurants.

But if building a big web presence is important for your business – and this certainly will be the case if you’re running a blog of some sort or are working in ecommerce – then SEO is going to have a huge impact. It could very well be a case of make or break for your website.

Really, the best thing I can recommend to you is that you get more clued in about SEO. Getting into it yourself and starting to build an SEO campaign for your business may not be as unrealistic as you think it is. You should keep up to date with resources such as the Gotch SEO blog. Keeping a close eye on case studies of successful SEO agencies is also recommended, especially because they will help highlight to you just how impactful good SEO work can be.

Getting knowledgeable about SEO will also highlight to you precisely how it works. And this can be very valuable. By knowing how SEO actually works – and, by extension and to a large degree, how the algorithms of search engines do their job – the importance of SEO will become pretty self-apparent.

Whatever route you take, it’s important to have a lot of patience. If you’re planning on learning some of the SEO ropes yourself, then it’s important to understand that this will take time and effort. If you don’t have the time to get the necessary expertise yourself, then an SEO agency could be the solution for you. But know that you’re going to need patience for this route, too – as I said earlier, great SEO can take a while to yield results. But when it does, you’ll wonder how you ever got on without it.

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