Size Isn’t Everything: Making Your Business Look Bigger Than It Is

looksbiggerWhat does it take in the world of freelancing to make your small business look more accomplished than the rest? Is it just a case of making sure that the business is well marketed? A bigger social media presence than the next brand in line? Or is it a case of making your business look, sound and feel like one of the big wigs? When it comes to making a business look professional, there are many aspects to take into account. So, have a look at these and apply them to your local small business. These will give it that boost in professionalism that will make people, and other businesses, take you more seriously.

Your Website

Is the website as good as it can be? Has it even been updated recently? Having a cutting-edge website will raise you up over the standard WordPress sites. Think about every aspect that you want to communicate, right down to the colours. Avoiding harsh reds will make your site easier on the eye, and make sure that it is up to date with the changes that are being made in the business.

Hire “Staff”

A great way to cheat your way to giving your business that sheen of professionalism is to have virtual assistants do the menial tasks for you. A company such as can provide you with personalised call answering, boardrooms and even a more professional looking address (a great advantage if you’re starting off and working out of your home). Putting those virtual buffers in place will make you look like you mean business when it comes to competitors and potential clients.

Look The Part

It may go without saying, but if you don’t look like how you present your business, it can cost you in more ways than financially. People predominantly make their judgments based on first impressions, so you need to make it count. If you are meeting with potential clients and you don’t look as good as they do they may not feel that you are up to their “standards”. It is always worth having a nicely ironed suit and tie and making sure you present yourself in the correct manner, from the posture, all the way through to how you speak.

Upgrade The Media

When you see small business sites and the photos they put up, they tend to be a badly angled selfie and the pictures are the size of a postage stamp. Having some professionally shot pictures will make all the difference between a poorly set up school photography project and a flourishing business with a dynamic style.

Become A Limited Company

While running a business under your name is great when you’re starting out. But if you want to make that leap, then you need to give your business a title and pay the funds to turn it into a Ltd company. Keeping up appearances is the name of the game, and doing this one will give your business a major professional look.

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