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Why Social Media Matters for App Marketing

Social media changed the marketing game for many industries, and when it comes to app development, you are not going anywhere without an effective strategy that uses it.

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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and many other social media sites should all be leveraged in marketing a new app, and while it may seem overwhelming given the wide range of social networks out there, it does not have to be complicated. Using the many channels available at our fingertips, it can be simple, and when done correctly it can have a huge impact by reaching potential customers around the world. Never before has such limitless access been available for such low cost.

Social media can make a marketing campaign go viral. For example, a company might make a YouTube video showing off its new product, and then send out a tweet and a Facebook page update linking to that video. This already includes three different channels of exposure, and people who watch the video might share it on their networks, further increasing exposure.

This can have an exponential effect, as more people share across their own networks your brand message reaches more people than ever before. It is not impossible to reach millions of people in a matter of days, and all using free social media apps. This style of marketing is effective and much more affordable than a television or radio campaign.

App makers have to be on top of trends in the mobile marketplace. If a company is making an app, they have to be experts in their field and this means mastering social media. Today, a company that tries to ignore social media is making a huge mistake and severely limiting their possibilities. Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is another vital tool that goes along with social media marketing. Any company with a website and social media prescience must utilize this technique as well to get the most out of their marketing campaign.

Webpage hits are driven by search engines, and getting a webpage to the top of the search engine page results means tailoring the text with certain keywords, tags, and titles. With the revolution of social media marketing, there are now many companies offering SEO services for a price. SDI, for example, offers three different packages covering different price points and levels of service. It’s a small cash investment that can bring a lot of exposure and, hopefully, more sales. The return on investment for these services can be enormous.

We live in the 21st century, and social media is not optional; it is essential. It offers a method of reaching people on an international scale for low cost. This is something that previous generations did not have access to, and it would only be foolish not to use it.

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