Three Tips for Enhancing Your WordPress Blog

blogFor a business of any size, blogging offers an excellent opportunity to reach prospective clients, spread awareness of your products and services and build your company brand. According to WordPress, nearly 70 million WordPress sites exist online. As one of the most popular blogging tools available, many businesses now rely on WordPress to springboard their online business.

Understanding the ins and outs of WordPress provides businesses with the potential to build a strong following and increase their profits. Best of all, this open-source software is optimized for SEO and is completely free to install and use. Here we’ll look at three strategies for enhancing your WordPress blog and making the most of its ability to create a connection with consumers.

Schedule Posts

Many smart businesses create content ahead of time to post on their blog to ensure its readers never get bored. WordPress has a built-in functionality that allows users to draft new blog posts and schedule them to be published live at a future date and time. Having this function can be highly useful for businesses and entrepreneurs who desire to post at the same time each day or week but may run into obstacles that prevent them from doing so. According to WordPress expert Jon Saddington, the “secret sauce” of improving search engine rankings is to write consistently and don’t give up.

Use Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting services have become one of the hottest trends in the IT industry. Numerous cloud computing technologies and hosting providers offer various cloud service platforms, such as blog services, with a plethora of advantages, including redundant data storage, dedicated resources and superior security. Although often overlooked, a blog’s hosting provider is one of the key components of a successful blog. Choosing the right WordPress hosting service can improve a company’s SEO and potentially boost sales.

Personalize It

Understanding basic HTML and CSS can help blog users better customize their WordPress themes to fit their personal needs. All WordPress blogs begin with a basic theme, typically the default WordPress theme. Free themes can be found in thousands of designs and layouts for free online, whereas more advanced themes can be purchased or custom-coded for a business by a professional web developer.

One of the easiest ways to customize WordPress blogs without interfering with the code is through widgets. These drag-and-drop custom modules can be added or deleted on a blog from the WordPress admin interface. You can easily create archives, dropdown lists, calendars and other personalized features that can be dragged to a sidebar.

Lifehacker recommends using the WordPress Database Backup plug-in for users who run their own server and database. If things go wrong, the plug-in will save a full backup of the database and email it to an address specified by the user.

Creating a Community

Since it hit the Web full force in 2003, WordPress has become one of the most popular and widely used blogging software choices on the Web. It’s flexible, easy to use and customizable. It also offers an abundance of fantastic plug-ins and widgets, is SEO-friendly, and is supported by a knowledgeable WordPress community. It’s continually being updated and improved, making it a smart option for business blogs. Using it, businesses can harness the maximum potential of their blogging platform by taking the time to understand WordPress’s many functions. Creating a community of dedicated customers is the goal of any business, and a well-written and interesting blog site can play a huge role in accomplishing this goal.

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