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7 Key Advantages Of Joining Business Associations

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how to grow your business networks

Joining business associations is perhaps the most effective approach to growing your company. They bring together business owners and managers from a specific industry.

The main reason why most entrepreneurs join business associations is to get the support and information necessary to run their companies. You can also follow suit to take your business a notch higher.

You can join any business association of your choice worldwide. This is because of technological advancements that allow you to attend meetings online. However, you must ensure you employ best practices for virtual meetings.

7 Pros For Joining Business Associations

While social media groups can fill a gap in the online arena for entrepreneurs to network and share knowledge, there are many significant benefits of joining business associations, including:

  • Brand visibility
  • Networking
  • Sales leads
  • Joint ventures – collaborations

Let’s look at some of the advantages of joining business associations in more detail.

1. Enhances The Visibility Of Your Brand

Today, there are several business organizations across the world. This leads to high competition among companies selling similar services or products.

One of the best ways to overcome market competition is to be visible. You’ll likely connect with a broader target audience to generate desired leads and sales when your brand becomes visible.

While marketing is the most used strategy to promote a brand’s visibility, it’d be good to supplement it by joining business associations. Such organizations provide several ways in which companies can get noticed. For instance, they can include your company name in business directories. This increases your brand’s visibility to connect with customers finding goods or services related to your company.

2. Enables You To Qualify For A Business Loan

Growing a business isn’t always easy. You’ll likely face many challenges along the way. One of the many barriers to a business’s success is financial constraints. You need to have enough capital to run a successful business. If you face economic challenges, your company might not take off from the ground.

You can consider many available sources of business finance. One of them is finding loans from banks, microfinance organizations, and other lending institutions.

Applying for and getting your business loans approved isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. You must meet many terms and conditions. For instance, the lending institution may require you to provide a guarantor’s name so that it can approve your loan. However, finding a guarantor isn’t easy. That’s where joining business associations becomes essential.

An excellent small business association will act as a guarantor for your loan. This increases your chances of qualifying for the loan, thus getting finance to run your company more effectively.

3. Allows You To Access Market Statistics

Are you looking to launch your new company, products, or services? If yes, you may want to understand the market. This ensures you’re implementing the right strategies to connect with the right customers to increase your sales.

You might think that you can search online to access market statistics. While that is true, you need to partner with experts. This is important because sometimes, you might not be able to interpret some of the market statistics. For that reason, you may want to join a small business association.

As a specific business association member, you’ll likely access market statistics you couldn’t have gathered yourself. This allows you to launch highly competitive products or services to stand out in the sea.

4. Lets You To Get Referrals

Having customers coming to you through referrals is one of the best ways to grow your company quickly. It enables you to minimize your advertising costs. That’s why most business owners consider developing referral programs for their companies.

Some customers consider finding products or services through small business associations. Therefore, you may consider joining one or two of the available organizations.

Such associations will likely connect you with customers looking to find referrals. This increases your chances of generating more sales to boost the growth of your business.

5. Allows You To Implement Latest Technologies Faster

The world of technology is evolving faster. Some strategies used to run a business in the past few years may not suit today’s technological world that keeps changing now and then. You must cope with modern technologies for your company to thrive and remain relevant for the foreseeable future.

Adopting new technologies in your company might not be easy. You’re probably a trained manager and not a technology expert as a business owner. However, all isn’t lost. You can join business associations to help implement the latest technologies in your company.

Small business organizations always invite experts from different fields to educate their members. For instance, they can ask information technology professionals to train members on how technological changes can affect your business. They’ll also ensure you adopt modern technologies quickly. Therefore, joining business associations can enable you to stay on top of technology.

6. Provides Networking Opportunities

You might think that networking is designed only for professionals. However, that’s not true. Business owners can also use it to grow their companies.

One of the best ways to network with other business owners is by joining associations. Such companies provide avenues in which business owners meet to share helpful information and ideas.

Besides, you can get referrals for services like marketing, asset management, accounting, etc., from a fellow member. This helps streamline your journey in finding and hiring specific service providers.

7. Helps You Gain A Competitive Edge

As noted earlier, there’s high competition in the market, and you must overcome it to grow your company. You can achieve that by joining small business associations.

Business organizations enable members to get access to advanced training and resources. However, it’s surprising that most business owners are reluctant to join any association. For that reason, you can gain a competitive advantage by joining an association to push your company forward.


Running a small or startup company isn’t always a walk. There are giants in the industry who have already taken over the market. For that reason, you might not generate the desired customers and sales. But the good news is that you can join business organizations to compete with other firms in the market effectively.

As you’ve read in this article, joining a business organization has several advantages. Research to find the most relevant associations you can subscribe to. Some of the factors to consider when selecting a business association include your specific niche, the experience of the association firm, location, etc.