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How To Maintain Productivity During A Company Restructure

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No one ever said that change was easy, especially when it came to the workplace. For a business, its number one asset is its people.

Dealing with employees who struggle to adjust to new roles, responsibilities, and working conditions takes careful planning and management. However, with a little effort, it is possible to keep staff engaged with the process and maintain productivity during this time.

In this business blog post are a couple of management tips keen to keep staff focused and productive during a company restructure.

Allow Department Heads To Help

A company restructuring can be a daunting time for employees, creating uncertainty about the future. Staff wonder if they will have a job at the end of it or they will be replaced with technology like robots or automation systems.

Without wanting to stir up premature concerns about the security of your job and career choice, it is hard to ignore the rise of robots, particularly in manufacturing and other areas like marketing, customer support, logistics, and supply chain management.

However, not all change ends in job losses. It can just be a simple company restructuring that results in moving premises.

Collaboration of management and leaders within the business is critical to a seamless relocation to a new workplace.

By involving department heads in the reorganization process and allowing them to help choose the best commercial space for form and function, you can keep staff focused on their jobs and maintain productivity during this transition period.

Department heads typically have the most knowledge about their team’s needs and how they can best be accommodated in the new space. They are in an excellent position to give input on the best flooring option for commercial spaces and remodeling choices. Plus, your leaders can ensure that the business’s and its employees’ needs are the top priority.

Recognize The Fallout

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It’s not only a workplace relocation that unsettles staff. Recognizing the fallout of a major company restructuring is vital to limiting disruptive behavior and loss of productivity. No one loves surprises, and unexpected change often leads to employee dissatisfaction with management.

Your managers may also become distracted and fail to defuse employee unrest. Both goals and priorities within the company can lose momentum. To keep things running smoothly and ensure that employees are focused on the tasks at hand, senior leaders need to realize what is happening, identify the root causes of disruptions, and then take action to minimize any negative impacts.

By addressing these issues directly, rather than ignoring or sweeping them under the rug, managers will be better able to re-establish order and drive long-term success for their organizations.

Ultimately, recognizing the fallout from restructuring will allow companies to stay agile in an ever-changing business landscape, ensuring they thrive in an increasingly competitive environment.

Find Opportunities

Company restructures can also allow employees to learn new skills and advance their careers.

For example, if you are assigned to a new role outside your comfort zone, use this as an opportunity to learn something new. Or, if the reorganization results in a promotion or pay raise, take advantage of this by working hard to exceed expectations in your new role.

By finding and seizing opportunities during this time of change, you can help to maintain productivity levels and further your career at the same time.


Once the dust has settled from the company restructuring, assessing how things are going is vital. You’ll need answers to these questions:

  • Are employees adjusting well to their new roles?
  • Is productivity still high?
  • What can be done to improve things, i.e., settle staff?

By assessing the situation after the reorganization, you can identify any areas that need improvement and make changes accordingly.

Embrace The Change

Significant changes can often be challenging when a company goes through a restructuring. However, if a company can embrace these changes and remain open to new ideas and strategies, it can help to maintain productivity during this transition period.

Employees can shift their priorities and reevaluate their processes to achieve better results by staying focused on the end goal.

Additionally, supportive leaders encouraging thinking outside the box can inspire employees to approach challenges from different angles and develop innovative solutions. In this way, embracing change can be essential for maintaining productivity in the face of organizational restructuring.

Final Thoughts

By following these tips, you can help to ensure that productivity levels are maintained during a company restructuring. Though it may be a difficult time for employees, it is possible to make the transition smoothly and efficiently with little effort.