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Get Employees Back To The Office With Healthy Snacks

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One of the most challenging tasks for companies now remote working is popular is incentivizing their staff to return to the workplace. Plus, it is not just remote working that’s making it hard for companies to fill their workplace.

Hiring new workers to fill vacant roles and new positions is very competitive.

A healthy salary is not the only factor considered when committing to a business as an employee. Smaller companies must think outside the box to win over existing staff and job applicants.

Everyone loves snacks, and this applies to employees as well. Staff who are very comfortable with their new standard of working from home can be encouraged to take the journey to the office a few days a week when they know they can access healthy snacks!

Plus, job applicants will also view the provision of healthy snacks as a critical point of difference between your business and competitors.

Healthy Food Snacks

There was a time when late afternoon drinks in the office on a Friday with your colleagues were the winning recruitment and morale-boosting strategy. Now businesses need to prove they about their staff’s health, so free healthy snacks attract and retain staff.

With different food intolerance conditions, your business will need healthy snacks for dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and keto diets. Managing snacks in the office can be challenging for some companies.

Managing Your Snacks Program

In our snacks management guide, you’ll have what you need to implement a strategy to win over your existing remote working staff and secure new hires.

1. Create a Place to Connect

Creating more opportunities for employees to connect during snack breaks is essential. Ensure the office has a dedicated place with newspapers and magazines so employees enjoy a snack break without getting crumbs on their desks.

As the employees go through the options, they will start conversations with one another about their snack break. Add exciting food options in the snacking zone, boosting engagement and productivity over time.

2. Introduce Healthy Options

Eating junk food in the office can lead to problems such as a lack of productivity, fatigue, and sluggishness. Therefore, the right way to manage the snacks would be to make healthier options more lucrative and attractive.

The best way to create a sustainable snacking environment is by introducing healthier options such as dry fruits, oat cookies, and fresh beverages. In return, the office will experience better productivity and improve employees’ well-being.

3. Explore Employee Preferences

It is vital to know employee preferences before creating a productive snack station. The office can conduct a short survey to help them determine what type of snacks employees are looking for.

Moreover, the office can also track their favorite options by simply noticing the inventory. The snacks that disappear quicker are most preferred. Meanwhile, the ones left behind on the shelves are not liked much.

4. Follow Snack Station’s Best Practices

It is vital to be creative when providing snack options to employees. There are some ways the office can get creative with snacks, such as the following.

Use practical and aesthetic jars and storage to keep all the snacks. Storing them in shopping bags can cause confusion among workers and doesn’t look attractive.

Invest in individually packaged products to ensure snacking equality and portion control.

Also, with portion packaging, you won’t need to manage food going stale or spreading germs like you would interact with bulk food products in large compartments for self-service.

The office should ensure enough for everyone to avoid hoards and chaos.

5. Follow-Up for Feedback

The office must keep a feedback loop to determine whether the snacking system is working effectively or not. It is always a good practice to ask workers directly and follow up on their feedback.

If the office has little time, they can leverage surveys to identify favorite snacks and cut down on ones not in demand. Not only will it help a business cut down on costs, but it will also improve employee satisfaction.

6. Snacks Ingredients

Nowadays, offices must be inclusive and offer different options according to employees’ tastes and preferences. Some employees may prefer vegan, organic, or Kosher-friendly foods. Therefore, it is essential to provide opportunities for everyone.

The office must offer extensive snack options catering to everyone’s preferences and likes. The snacks cater to the food preferences of your staff, including products that are:

  • Vegan and vegetarian
  • Healthy and raw
  • High-protein, low carbs
  • Low-calorie snacks
  • Organic
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Nut-free

These options will make an office more inclusive and help satisfy employees’ cravings.

7. Designate a Snack Master

Offices can recruit a snack master and take their snack game to the next level. A snack master will ensure that all options align with employees’ preferences.

Some duties that an office can assign to a snack master include:

  • Selecting snack providers
  • Managing inventory and display
  • Maintaining the snack corner
  • Feedback and reporting

Businesses don’t have to hire a specialized foodie for the snack master role. Instead, an existing employee may want it, or the task can be on rotation so all staff get a turn.


Incentivizing staff back to the office with healthy food is a win-win for them and you.

Your staff will realize they are appreciated, and another bonus for them is that if they forget to supply or buy their lunch when working in the office, a few healthy snacks will fill the gap.

Plus, new hires may see the provision of healthy snacks as the tipping point for choosing to work for your business.

Plus, while there is a cost to providing healthy snacks, analyze the improvement in worker productivity, and you’ll see a healthy return on your investment.