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How To Boost Productivity And Profitability With Scheduling Software

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Did you know that time is one of the most important resources in any business? Makes sense when you consider there are only 24 hours a day, and as a business, you have just a third of that to get stuff done.

Therefore, you can have all the employees you need and enough materials to run your enterprise, but you’re likely to fall short of your goals without the proper time management techniques and tools. As such, you must invest in a system that ensures excellent use of this resource.

We’re referring to scheduling software that can be utilized to maximize time management and support business operations.

Scheduling Software Example

An example of a scheduling app is Jobber’s HVAC dispatch software. With this one, you’d use it specifically to support field service-based technicians out in the field, i.e., on customer sites rather than in your workplace.

Your business can manage its field technicians’ time and provide complete transparency of what’s required of them and when they’re expected to complete a given task. With such a system, it is possible to have a well-organized structure of operations, which is a boom for any successful business.

Tips To Boost Productivity and Profitability

Many employees now remote working businesses not used to collaboration tools are using scheduling apps for time management.

So how can you ensure that your scheduling software is indeed boosting the overall productivity of your employees? Read on to learn more!

Take advantage of the peak hours

Living in the moment can be a thrilling experience because you don’t know what’s coming next, but that’s hardly productive in the business world. To be competent enough in the market, you should assess your operations and plan your time ahead.

It’s important to measure the productivity of your employees and know when they are at their best – in most cases, it’s any time before lunch hour. Once you have this information, you can take full advantage of the most productive hours. How do you do that?

When to get most demanding tasks done

In your scheduling software, schedule the most demanding tasks during these hours. They can be tasks requiring total concentration or needing a lot of physical energy from the employees.

Of course, you can do all these manually, but a scheduling app makes it more accessible. With such a system, you’ll know which tasks need rescheduling, and the time slots to be assigned without disrupting the flow of operations in your business.

Color coding

As the phrase suggests, color coding uses colors to make it easier for the user to read and comprehend something. It’s a small addition to your software, but it can greatly boost your productivity. Remember, time is a precious resource; therefore, the faster your employees can decipher the schedule, the more time your business will save.

Assign each activity a unique color

So, how can you use color coding to your advantage? First, you can assign each activity a unique color.

For example, red can indicate urgent tasks that can’t be rescheduled. Orange can be used for those tasks with medium urgency, while black or grey can be used for the weekends and holidays. Once you and your employees are used to the color codes, a quick glance at the schedule will give you all the necessary information.

In fact, such visual representations tend to stick in your mind more than standard texts. As such, you can get an idea of how your day is planned without having to look at the schedule twice. But be sure to accompany this design with corresponding texts to avoid confusion and help those considered color blind.

Include reminders

The 21st century is synonymous with technological advancements that have made life easier for everyone, especially businesses.

Scheduling software, for instance, allows you to create events, assign tasks in your calendar, and ensure that the relevant parties complete what needs to be done. However, this isn’t always enough if you deal with many employees and clients. You’ll need something alerting you whenever an event is approaching, and that’s where reminders come into play.

Integrate text messaging app

Many scheduling apps come with built-in reminders, while others may require you to pay for this as an add-on feature. In fact, others allow you to integrate a text messaging app so the software can send alerts to clients and employees whenever a task is about to begin or end.

Of course, checking the schedule every morning is good practice, but you can easily lose track of time if you have many things on your to-do list. Reminders ensure that you and your employees keep time and complete every event within the required timelines.

Balance your time

Many employers fail to understand that employees need rest to be more productive. Of course, working from Monday to Friday will ensure that more tasks are completed. However, if you do so at the expense of your worker’s personal time, then the quality of your products and services will degrade over time.

Profitability is not all about the number of sales you make but the satisfaction you give your clients. You’ll need to balance their free and professional time to ensure that your employees are always at their best.

Shift planning

For instance, you can have a different set of workers operating over the weekends rather than having someone work from Monday to Saturday. Your scheduling software will also show you the hours covered by each employee and automatically assign who works on which days.

With this information, you’ll have all you need for shift planning and to balance the number of hours worked by each member of your company without encroaching into their personal time.

Apart from productivity and profitability, this will also save you from many legal challenges and unfair labor practices claims that might arise in the future.


Investing in scheduling software is one thing, but using it to boost profitability is another. To ensure that your business benefits from this technology, you’ll need to plan ahead and take advantage of peak productivity hours. Schedule the most demanding tasks during this time of the day.

Color coding is another essential feature you can use in your scheduling software to make sure your operations run faster.

You can use reminders to alert the relevant parties before every task if you have many employees and clients. As you integrate all these features, be sure to balance your employees’ work and personal time so they could continue giving their best.