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7 Features Every Business Video Needs

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Have you recently made the decision to focus on video content? Good on you.

Now the fun starts as there are many aspects and areas of video you need to explore to make it effective, including ensuring your videos are professional and high quality, engaging, and promotional in the right way.

Video is complex, so if you’re new to business video content creation, this article is perfect for you.

7 Key Features Of Business Video

Are you responsible for video content and production for your business? Here is a quick overview of the seven key features of business video creation.

1. A Purpose

As a rule of thumb, every piece of content on your website and in your digital marketing needs a purpose. Therefore every video you create will need a goal.

So what is the purpose? It is the desired outcome for the video. The goal will likely be to persuade, inform, promote a new product or offer a how-to guide, just a few ways to use video. You need to know why you’re creating the video and what you want to get from it.

Plus, how will you know the video has worked?

Ensure your goals and measurement are clearly defined, articulated and agreed on before the production progresses.

2. Your Business Logo and Name

Be sure to plan a natural way to include your business logo and name in your video for branding purposes.

You could have an opening section that shows your business name and logo, a closing screen that displays them, and opt for having your logo in the corner of the screen (in a non-intrusive way) during every frame.

3. Call-to-Action

Fit your video with a clear call-to-action to prompt your viewer to engage, click or do something in response to your promotional video.

For example, the call to action could be ‘sign up to our mailing list’, ‘click here to view products,’ or any other instruction related to your video content to encourage them to act.

4. Caption Options

Including captioning options in your video content will make it more engaging, searchable, SEO relevant, and helpful for accessibility needs.

Using professional caption options, like AI captioning services with Verbit, means that you can always ensure your video content is optimized how it should for increased engagement.

5. High-Quality Audio

Clear audio is essential if you want your message to be heard and understood. Not only that, clear audio is part of the mix that helps to build your reputation as a professional brand that can be trusted.

Plus, viewers will likely exit the video completely when the audio quality is poor and without captioning options.

All content is impressionable – make sure yours leaves the right lasting impression on viewers. Don’t rush to release video content until it is exactly as you want.

6. High-Quality Picture

Video quality is just as important as high-quality audio for the same reasons. You need to show off your brand and content professionally, ensuring you have clear picture quality at a substantial level.

Even though it’s possible to film high-quality and professional videos using only a smartphone, you also don’t want it to look like a slapdash video filmed carelessly on the phone.

Therefore, make sure picture quality is always at the top level. This also counts for the speed of your website. If you have a slow-loading website that runs into problems, there’s always the potential that your video picture will fail to load correctly or begin buffering.

7. Good Editing

The editing process is just as important as the video content itself. You need a thorough editing process to ensure your video can shine and that it’s not too long to ensure more considerable engagement and focus for your watchers.

You’ll want a good video editing app or program or a designated employee to focus on editing your videos to make them perfect.

Following the above guide and ensuring videos have every feature, you should be a hit online. Ready for more tips on getting your video marketing working for your business? See this article on how to create video content that hooks your viewers.