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DIY Home Office Design Ideas To Inspire Productivity

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There’s no positive way to say it since the pandemic in the last couple of years has been difficult for almost everyone.

If there has been a silver lining, you’d say it’s the new normal of working from home.

Even the most reluctant managers have turned the corner on remote working and now see the value to the business in cost savings and a more diverse workforce. What’s more, from a worker’s viewpoint, the open-plan work environment that most endure at best is only for part of the week at most.

So your own office styled for you is now a reality, albeit at home – not in the workplace!

You Can Have The Office You Always Wanted

Now that you’ve got the freedom to design the office that’s right for you, how will you do it?

If you’re going to be working from home for an extended period of time, you want your workspace to be conducive to productivity while simultaneously properly comfortable to keep you from having trouble staying in that area for extended periods of time. Here are some ideas.

1. Foliage: Floral Arrangements And Indoor Plant Decor

Plants can make a sterile corporate environment feel festive, fresh, and even a little exotic. Your home is much more inviting, and a variety of plants can be conducive to productivity. For example, succulents are easy to grow, satisfying to the eye, and relatively straightforward to maintain—check out this link on succulent care for more background.

If you’re adventurous, you might get a vine going around the corners of the room where you work. Flowers can also be nice, though it may be worthwhile to grow them, so the blooms keep coming. What do you like? Find it, and put it in your home office. Nobody will be allergic. You can do whatever suits you!

2. Black Lights And Glow In The Dark Decorations

This may not be a “right fit” for everyone, but at minimum, it’s a point of information for you to think about as you decorate. Some jobs don’t necessarily need a conglomeration of bright lights on all the time. Some people are more productive under different kinds of illumination. If you feel like where you work is “cool”, it might affect how you do.

An office that feels like a party may be more desirable to spend time in. Maybe you put the lights down low and use various neon colors designed to really “pop” under black lights. Maybe you put some glow in the dark decorations everywhere. You can have regular lighting as well and switch things around for varying kinds of work.

Some people are going to be really distracted by bright, loud décor like that. For others, it’s going to be stimulating positively. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to décor. When you’re at home, you can try whatever suits you.

Also when your using your collaboration tools like video chat take care to show a blank wall or a Zoom backdrop so your attendees see a professional and non-distracting background.

3. Idiosyncratic Design: Standing, Sitting, And Walking Desks

For those whose work at home requires ample time in front of a computer, it can be wise to have a raised desk at a proper height where you can stand comfortably for many hours. It turns out the body actually burns more calories standing than sitting, and it can be healthier for your back.

There are also ways to exercise your core while at a desk. Flexible exercise balls large enough to sit on are available, and if you can learn to balance on them well, that will keep your core tight. Another option is a small treadmill that goes at a slow pace. Although, this is trendy in a lot of L.A. offices. At your own home office, you can improvise as best suits you.

4. Space And The View: You Can Have The Best In The House

Well—there is a caveat on this one. Many working from home have families with whom they live, which may restrict some rooms from being used as an office. However, if it’s your house, you can pick the room with the most space and the best view to be your office. That’s not as doable in a big office building.

5. Imagination Stimulation Through The Web

When all else fails, give yourself some more cognitive variables to work with. Here are additional ideas to stimulate your imagination when it comes to the home office decoration. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to find just the decoration motif that will most effectively complement a given area.

An Office That Fits You Like A Glove

Optimized imagination, space to move in, the best views in the house, idiosyncratic office design, “loud” décor, and whatever floral arrangements you like—all are ideas that could define your home office throughout the COVID-19 uncertainty.

Some people prefer one kind of décor over another. Find what speaks to you, and let yourself be creative. Any silver lining deserves to be fully appreciated!