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How Do You Deal With an Unfair Employer?

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When someone goes to work, whether they are the boss or the employee, certain basic expectations should be fulfilled.

The employer expects that the employee will do the job to the best of their ability, and the employee expects to be compensated for their work.  But expectations do not end here for either the employer or employee.

For example, another basic expectation is that the employee is treated fairly by their employer, and while that is not much to ask for, even that simple expectation can sometimes go unfulfilled due to many reasons including biases.

There are many different ways an employer can mistreat their employees or with disrespect, and if that happens, the employee should not just sit back and take that kind of treatment. They have the right to fight back and stand up for themselves, and the best way of doing that is by hiring an employment lawyer.

There are various steps that the attorney can take to right the wrongs experienced by the employee. That is why you should follow the advice of the experts in your region e.g.employment lawyers in Los Angeles or New York is that’s where you reside.

Seek legal help if you are being mistreated at work.

What is Unfair Treatment?

There are quite a few ways that an employer can mistreat an employee even though many of those methods are against the law. Discrimination based on a variety of different factors is a common form of unfair treatment, but there are many other types:

  • Creating a hostile work environment
  • Denying promotion based on an employee’s race, gender, sexuality, or age
  • Firing older workers in favor of younger ones
  • Making offensive comments about an employee in person or online
  • Paying women lower than men even if they do the same job
  • Demoting or terminating someone without a fair procedure

These kinds of behaviour are unfair when they are perpetrated by the employer, but other employees can engage in them. If the employer knows about it but refuses to do anything about it, that also constitutes unfair treatment.

What To Do If You Are Being Treated Unfairly

Even before you hire an attorney, there are steps that you can take to protect your rights: Start by documenting all the instances of unfair treatment. This should include the date, the nature of the treatment such as emails and other forms of communication, the person responsible for that treatment, and any witnesses to the unfair treatment.

  • Then report the treatment to the human resources department of the office. This makes your complaint official and gives you whistleblower status and the protections that come with it.
  • You should not post about your unfair treatment on social media since your employer’s attorneys could use something you posted online against you.
  • You should then contact an experienced employment attorney. They can offer you sound advice on what to do next and help you execute those actions. Your employer will fight back so you should have someone who will fight for you.

Contact an Attorney If You Have Been Treated Unfairly

You have certain inalienable rights as an employee, and they should be upheld and protected at all times.  If those rights are violated because of unfair treatment, then you should contact an employment lawyer to help you.  There is no reason to put up with prejudices or unfair treatment in the workplace.

Whether you want to continue working and be treated fairly or you want to leave the job with the severance pay you deserve, an employment attorney will be able to help you. So stand up for your rights and contact an employment lawyer if your employer mistreats you.