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5 Free Time Saving Business Tools

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In business, there is a saying that rings true, and that is: time is money. Often we forget this when negotiating a deal or decide to DIY (do it yourself). You see, your time is valuable, and outsourcing a task can result in it being done faster and more efficiently.

Top 5 Time Management Software

Often the hardest decision is choosing the right time management software. In this article, we introduce our top five time-saving tools for your business.


Monday is a time management platform that gives businesses the freedom to plan their time and catch any places where they are wasting time.

Monday allows users to set a timer for being reminded about business meetings, conferences, or even bathroom breaks! This will enable users to be aware of their business’s time management and processes and draw up more efficient schedules and plans where necessary.

Choose between accessing Monday on a handy website or mobile application. You can also track how much time your business is spending on a particular client, a project, and other tasks. This application is a perfect fit for both startups that want to find their feet and large businesses with a lot on their plate.


If you are looking for practical, affordable time management software, look no further. Slite is an application that checks both boxes. This process documentation software helps businesses with their planning needs. Slite is a versatile process documentation tool that allows you to manage all of your processes in one place.

By streamlining your business documents, you’ll cut down on miscommunication in your team and be able to prevent any time-wasting processes before they even develop. Plus, Slite has plenty of templates available to make building your own knowledge base both quick and easy.

Check out the project report from Slite – it’s just one example of how this provider shares its knowledge.


Nifty is an excellent time management software that focuses more on team integration. It is an app that encourages individuals to work together, allowing you to actively manage your team’s resources.

Monitoring how teams work together, Nifty reviews the team’s schedules and then provides suggested adjustments. Nifty also produces reports that accurately documents the amount of time spent on activities in your business. These activities could be the team’s amount of time on a customer, a project, or any other tasks.

Nifty also perfectly combines with other planning software, such as Slite, to enable your business to be as efficient as possible.


Are you looking for excellent time management software that can be used in various sectors like finance, employee management, and even production? Then Paymo is the perfect tool for you. If your company wants to manage teams of people and maximize the way you spend time, then Paymo will save you time and effort.

Paymo allows you to examine the reasons why your team may not be performing optimally using timesheet technology.

Users can change how the timesheet looks, how it calculates the time and many other features. It can even help handle your company’s finances with tools for budget preparation, making it a time management software that every company should get.

Remember the Milk

You may be thinking to yourself, “that’s a funny name”, while chuckling softly because we certainly did. However, the truth is that the name accurately captures the mission of this application.

Remember The Milk is a time management tool that helps individuals, teams, and companies maximize their time by managing their to-do lists. This enables you to efficiently prioritize tasks and save time.

‘Remember The Milk’ suggests which tasks your team should do first, as well as diligently sending reminders to the company or client in question.

As a process documentation tool, Milk thoroughly plans out all your activities, seeing where you can save time and how to do those activities in the most productive way possible. It’s the perfect way to save your business time and money, particularly in the current remote working environment.

Summing Up

In conclusion, using the above tools can help you manage and monitor your teams’ productivity and performance levels and ultimately save your business both time and money.

By planning and monitoring tasks in the most efficient way possible, you can ensure that your business will feature opera like a well-oiled machine, in 2020 and beyond.

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