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5 Top Tips on Finding Leads For Your Startup Business

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Are you looking for different ways to generate leads for your new startup? Building your book of business is never easy, but there are several tactics you can use to do so.

Maybe marketing isn’t one of your strong suits. Perhaps you’re looking for different ideas to broaden your marketing strategies.

Whatever the case might be, installing a few new techniques can help you get your products in front of the right clientele. The more targeted your marketing plan is, the more successful it will be!

Be sure to read below for tips on how to find leads for your startup business. Factor in each of them as you go along!

1. Build Your Social Media Presence

In an ever-growing online age, there’s no better way to push your brand out to the world than through social media. It offers your startup the chance to connect with consumers that you wouldn’t otherwise get to.

Not to mention that there are several ways to build an online presence through different social media channels. Simply start by identifying which social media outlets you might want to try.

Outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn all have their place in your business plan. They all offer different methods of reaching your target market.

For example, Facebook offers messenger ads, allowing anyone who sees your ad to automatically send a message to you to learn more. Meanwhile, LinkedIn has a premium feature that allows you to zero in on those that fit your target audience.

By simply posting every day on those channels and staying active, you’ll build a solid base of followers to push your brand out to. Then the challenge becomes gathering their contact information to turn them into qualified leads.

2. Optimize Your Website

Perhaps you have the wrong mindset on how to use your website. Imagine if your marketing plan were a spider web. Your website would be at the center of that web, being the area that all the different branches lead to.

However, to draw leads to your startup’s website, you need to use search engine optimization to your advantage.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing technique that focuses on designing your website and content to appease search engines like Google. The more you abide by Google’s algorithm, the higher you’ll land on their top search results.

It takes a healthy dose of keyword usage, backlinking, high-quality content, and website design to achieve proper SEO standards. The more that you prioritize this, the leads you will passively gain to your website.

Then, in time, your website will become your main source of lead generation. Simply keep at it and watch it grow over time! If you need help optimizing your website’s layout, be sure to reach out to an outsourced WordPress maintenance company.

3. Run a Contest

If you have social media channels and a bit of free swag to hand out, you should run a contest or two to gather more leads.

You can run the contest on your website, Instagram account, networking event, and much more. They’re always bound to give you leads with contact info as a result!

Try running a contest on your Instagram with instructions on how one of your followers can win. Ask them to tag three people, like the post, and follow your account.

If you want to run the contest on your website, then ask people to subscribe to your email list or leave an online review on your site. Be sure to list the prize, how many winners you’ll be selecting, and when the final day is for your contest.

It’s a win-win situation for your startup. Those that win the contest will start to build customer loyalty with your brand, and you’ll generate more leads as well!

4. Redefine Your Target Market

Some startups run into the problem of not generating enough leads from their marketing efforts. You can push them in front of as many people as you want, but unless they have a genuine interest in your product, they aren’t a legitimate “lead”.

One of the best ways to curb that trend might be to redefine your target market. Try to build some buyer’s personas by asking questions about your ideal clientele.

What are some of their biggest pain points? What social media platforms do they use most? How do they find new brands?

5. Use Quora to Your Advantage

Even with its monumental growth, many people realize the power that Quora can offer your online presence. Many people use Quora to get answers from industry experts.

You can use those questions to your advantage, offering answers and establishing your startup as a reputable source for more information.

For example, if you’re a plumbing service, then you can go on Quora and answer questions like “How can I unclog my drain?”. Although Quora doesn’t allow you to openly solicit, you can still find ways of backlinking.

Answer their question first, then invite them to learn more about the topic through an article on your website’s blog. Then, anyone else that clicks on that Quora question will see your answer and the link to your website.

Use These Tips to Find Leads for Your Startup

Now that you’ve seen several ways to find leads for your startup business, it’s time for you to get things moving.

Take the time to meet with your team and identify which methods you need to integrate into your marketing plan.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on lead generation and many other helpful topics.