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Understanding Where You Have Control In Your Business

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However, carefully you’ve planned for starting a business, you can still never be sure how it’s going to work out.

You can use all the tools available, take every bit of advice, and research meticulously, but to some extent, there is always an element of the unknowable that will affect your results. For that reason, it can be a scary time when you first set out.

There are some aspects of business success you have no control over, and in truth, that’s part of the excitement. If it was as predictable as night following day, there wouldn’t be anything like the thrill involved.

The best way to deal with uncertainty like a recession is to accept you have no control over external factors like the economic climate, and instead focus on being the very best at all the factors you can control.

Targeted Marketing

Marketing is often seen as more of an art than a science, but in fact there is plenty of evidence upon which to base your promotional choices. The first requirement is to understand what marketing can do for you and how to be as effective in your efforts as possible.

The best marketing targets specific customers; those people who are most likely to need the product or service you are selling. If creating an avatar sounds like a lot of worries from which you’ll get the minimal reward, think again. This is a model that has been in use for many years now and has been proven to work.

By understanding what your ideal customer wants, and where they are likely to find your offer, you are maximizing your chances of catching the attention of people who are likely to buy from you. This is a much better method than using a kind of scatter-gun approach that fires adverts out all over the place in the hopes that someone will pay attention. Defining your customer base allows you to craft your marketing in the most appropriate way to connect to the right people.

To build on this targeting principle, apply it to every aspect of your marketing, for instance by using a Google keyword planner to find the right keywords for your content and advertising.


SEO works with your marketing campaigns insofar as keyword searches rely on your SEO score. There are many ways to improve your site’s SEO to rank higher in search engine results, and the effort is trustworthy. SEO is important in booms and busts in economic activity.

Investing in SEO is long-lasting and in a recession when complicated trading persists, for months at a time, reaching more targeted eyeballs to improve visitor traffic to your site is a vital strategy for attracting new customers.

Honing your operations

You have control over how you run your business, and to achieve optimum profitability, you should be continually appraising your systems, looking for ways to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and maximize your returns.

For example, make sure your logistics arrangements are the best they can be. Also, make sure your suppliers are giving you quality products at the best prices and with a reliable service. Finally ensure your staff have everything they require to perform at peak productivity levels, including not just equipment, but the right training and welfare support.

You may not be able to control external influences on your business, but you can plan for possible eventualities. Make the assessment of your business an ongoing project that continually looks at ways to improve and expand, and take steps to help you weather any storms that might arise.

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