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Top Tips for Business Note Etiquette

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Have you ever thought about reaching out to your customers or clients in a more personal manner than a carbon copy email or printed out form letter?

This is a great time to learn the technique of sending a handwritten note to articulate how important their business is to you. Take a look at these top etiquette tips to sending notes the right way for your business.

Understand the Effectiveness of Handwritten Letters

Perhaps you have been under the impression that writing handwritten letters is a thing of the past. While writing notes dates back thousands of years, sending a letter can still be effective today, even in an age where technology is weaved into the fabric of our everyday lives.

What makes sending a handwritten note so special is due to its uniqueness in today’s society. While email and social media marketing are important for any company, sending something personal to a client shows them how you care about their needs and develops loyalty as they understand that other companies won’t go to the limits you will to help them.

Have Your Supplies Ready and On Hand

If you’re going to show your customers the value of your relationship with them, it needs to be done the proper way, lest they think less of you after you have gone through such an effort.

You will want to begin the process of¬†sending out notes from your business by having the best materials on hand at all times, stocking up on the perfect stationery for your needs, and making sure you have stamps, envelopes, and a trustworthy pen within arm’s reach at your desk.

Have a Purpose in Mind

When reaching out to a customer with a handwritten note, it could be for any number of reasons, from a special occasion to a follow-up from a recent meeting or sale.

Even if you are writing for the simple reason of connecting with a new or existing client out of the blue, you’re going to need to write with a specific intent in mind.

Your note will be of little consequence if you aren’t supplying your customers with a reason to care about what you have to say. Share a story or an anecdote that will help them see how cultivating a business relationship with you will help them with their needs and how you can do it in a personal way like no one else.

Keep It Short and Simple

While your customers will be interested to receive a personal note from you, that doesn’t mean they have a lot of time on their hands, so you’re going to want to get to the point in a concise manner.

Your best strategy is to highlight important details, even using bullet points when appropriate, then making a call-to-action that gets them to engage with your business immediately.

Businesses need every advantage they can get in a crowded marketplace. Make yourself memorable to your customers by sending them a personal note that will show them you care.