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5 Benefits Of Having A Dog At The Office

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The lives of humans and animals have been entwined for hundreds of years, and we rely on them to assist us in our work including, search and rescue, recovery, security and biosecurity. The dog’s sense of smell is also indispensable for detecting prohibited substances like narcotics, so they’re at work in airports, correctional facilities and border controls. However, what you may not know is dogs are also performing another essential task, and it’s in the office or workplace.

The stresses of our modern-day lives decrease our productivity at work, and if you have depression, anxiety or low self-esteem, the very presence of an animal in the office can be mood-boosting and calming.

These furry friends of mankind can provide emotional support in the workplace and business owners are more tolerant of the presence of a dog as long as they’re ‘house-trained’ and the work environment is appropriate for them.

Make sure your dog is registered, and you’re adhering to the do’s and don’ts mentioned in the ESA Registration blog post so your dog is comfortable in the workplace and your workers are benefiting from the dog’s presence.

If you’re still not convinced, your workplace could be more productive with this initiative here’s a summary of why so many companies have created specific dog days for their staff. Many going as far as encouraging the full-time presence of an office dog.

Why Your Office Needs A Dog

Reduces stress, improves productivity

Dogs offer a distraction so you can forget yourself for a few seconds and enjoy the presence of the animal. Faces light up when they see a dog, and when they’re in the workplace, they can help remove tension and create a positive atmosphere. According to Marie-Jose Enders who studies the connection between animals and humans at the Open University in England, petting a dog lowers your cortisol level and generates more of the hormone oxytocin. This makes you happier and more relaxed and ready to work!

Encourages physical activity

While you can’t take a full exercise break on the job, an office dog will allow you to pursue daily exercise on your lunch break. You will have to take your animal for walks, which can also ease stress. A little interaction time with the dog on work breaks could draw you away from a heavy workload, which would also reduce your stress. If you’re not the owner of the office dog – offer to take it for a ‘comfort break’ and that way you too are taking yourself out into the fresh air and getting the benefit of a walk around the block!

Provides social support

Social interaction and support are vital for humans. A May 2017 study printed in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health reports that pets can be more of a useful source of social support than a spouse or close friends.

An office pet can break down social barriers and provide a sense of familiarity amongst employees, boosting morale and greater communication. More work will be achieved with your employees enjoying being at work and with each other.

Bottom Line

As our lives get busier and with it more stress is present, workplaces can become more welcoming with the presence of a pet, and ideally, that’s a dog. There is ample evidence from numerous studies that humans are happier when they’re around their pets, and it’s really only modern-day jobs that have removed the animal from the work environment. Our ancestors went everywhere with their dogs and with so many compelling reasons for workplaces to have a ‘pet policy’ will your company be joining the growing trend of a dog day soon? Why not it’s good for your business.