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Why Use A Co-Working Space For Your Business

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When running your new business, co-working spaces are an excellent opportunity to work away from home, without having to access your own office. This type of environment plays host to many like-minded, hard-working individuals across various industries, giving you the opportunity to work alongside people from different walks of life, as well as being able to network effectively.

The global market for sharing office space is a rapidly growing enterprise. It is an approach that many businesses see the benefit of using, particularly in trendy, economically advanced cities in Europe as well as London and New York. So whether you’re looking for an enterprise office space in New York City or funky artistic hot-desking hub in Shoreditch, London there are literally thousands of new co-working spaces popping up globally. It’s a trend that’s here to stay.

Why Use Co-Sharing Spaces

Operating a business requires a close eye on the outgoings, i.e. expenses and work premises can take a sizeable chunk of the cash flow without providing an adequate return on investment. Here are some of the obvious benefits of choosing flexibility over the traditional lease agreement for office space.

Time and Money

Shared co-working office spaces are a great option for smaller, more mobile businesses such as design and tech companies. Startups will directly benefit from shared office space, with the potential to save money and time as the business grows.

Co-working spaces are quicker and easier to move into over traditional leased office space since most of the furniture and resources are included in the deal. Plus overhead costs associated with your working area are reduced since most of the necessary equipment is also present and part of the overall rent.

Time is money when it comes to running a business so don’t let your chosen workspace be a drain on both.

Growing With The Business

As previously mentioned, co-working spaces greatly benefit startups and micro-businesses due to the flexibility of using only the amount of space required. For example, you may be the business initially, then before you know it, you’ve got employees. With co-sharing spaces, you can hire the desks you require at any given time, without incurring unnecessary costs of leasing an oversized office or entire building!

Excellent Customer Service Is All-Inclusive!

Shared office spaces offer a range of services to make it easy for their tenants. The all-inclusive monthly bill provides facilities such as office maintenance, cleaning, furnishings, security, data & voice connectivity infrastructure and fully maintained break-out areas for networking and relaxation, so what’s not to like about this setup?

Networking and Potential for Growth

The break out zones often provided by co-sharing providers are proven ‘deal makers’ as they foster networking between the ‘tenants’ (co-workers). Grabbing a drink and chatting to like-minded peers can mean a fruitful opportunity for business collaboration.

However, you don’t need to rely on the communal space for networking and meetings just hire a larger space and section a part of it this activity.

Worklife Balance- Take a break

Over the years, the benefit of worker downtime has been thoroughly researched, and there are some obvious benefits associated with providing break out zones within the work environment. A well-designed space can aid productivity and flexibility of the space. Many of these spaces use gyms, collaboration cubicles, and coffee bars, offering the opportunity to relax and raise their performance standards during break times and work times at the same time.

Impress Partners, Clients With Your Fancy Set-Up

The use of specialist designed office spaces means upmarket, high-tech, bespoke designed up-to-the-minute designed furnishing and resources. This will also often mean working from beautiful offices with impressive architectural features.

Shared spaces in the major metropolitan cities such as London or New York are often kitted out with all of the mod-cons necessary and innovative to set up and run the business. This means that this kind of working environment hosts an incredibly attractive place to want to work, increasing employee motivation and job satisfaction.

It doesn’t stop there. However, the benefits of hosting your business from these facilities aren’t simply limited to employee satisfaction. The use of modern amenities and innovation can be incredibly attractive and therefore improve the reputation of your business. The facilities used can offer a great reflection of the business to customers, clients and investors helping to boost the attractiveness of the business overall.

Using Space Creatively Reflects The Company Ethos.

However, it is important to consider the message that you wish to portray about your business which is greatly reflected in its premises. For example, an eco start-up may not thrive in an environment which does not match with their ethos. Some discerning creative-types have made it their focus to offer environmentally friendly co-sharing workspaces. Plus also good for the environment is the repurposing of abandoned buildings into modern work environments.

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