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7 HR Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2019 and Beyond

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It’s the time of year when companies look back on hr trends that could use improvement. Recruitment teams must continue to improve their hiring accuracy and conversion every quarter. More importantly, HR teams should plan ahead before the next batch of applicants comes in.

But that’s only the beginning. Need to know what are the best human resource trends of 2019? Look no further.

Here are 7 trends to strengthen your team’s recruiting efforts in this year and beyond.

Refocusing on Culture Fit

More and more companies have focused on hiring candidates with the best soft skills. This is due to the high cost of employee turnover or employees who damage a company’s reputation. Strong trends in HR ensures that new hires can succeed in their role as well as add to the company’s culture.

Recruiters must revisit their workforce assessments before re-investing. Assessments help companies gauge personal behaviors and make them less susceptible to biases. And when used effectively can save companies thousands in training costs.

Improving Hiring Speed with AI

The evolution of technology and the rate of modern business operations is expansive. Companies who invest in top-notch technology are also improving current hr trends. The ones who are stuck with older technology may feel stuck in place.

HR automation is much more aligned with the HR industry trends of the future. That does not include applicant tracking platforms or new HRIS systems. Instead, HR teams should adopt more artificial intelligence services for their hiring processes.

AI services can improve a company’s productivity in the short and long term. Those more tedious and mundane tasks get taken care of and shorten workloads. Machines learn algorithms that can increase profit and decrease error.

This could also help recruiters improve conversion rates for screened candidates. AI technology can manage notes from phone interviews and time-to-fill metrics. Which ultimately gives time back to HR teams to focus on hiring the right people.

Increasing Focus on Employer Branding

Job applicants want to be able to envision themselves working with a company first. But to remain competitive, human resource trends must include quality branding.

For HR to develop inbound recruiting leads, their teams must focus on the career site. Which means fleshing out a variety of stories that best reflect the team, the mission, and the culture.

Some other hr trends involve an investment in the initiatives that can support organic hiring. The most successful companies have an inflow of high-quality applicants. They are the ones who will remain a top priority and will boost Talent Promoter Scores or your Employee LTV.

Focusing on the Candidate Experience

The labor market is tight, which forces most recruitment teams to re-shift their focus. The best hr industry trends focus on developing the most ideal candidate experience. That is what is sure to attract the best and the brightest people.

HR teams must continue to audit and iterate each step of their candidate experience. They should be removing any roadblocks from delivering the best experience to top candidates. This helps to streamline the process and helps get rid of any subpar applicants.

Additionally, the trends in hr must remain tapped into technology. Having that technological support grants recruiters with better options. It allows them to be thorough and comprehensive in their search.

Welcoming Non-Traditional Work Schedules

It shouldn’t surprise talent acquisition professionals when the best candidate is not local. As technology continues to develop, HR teams have to consider more non-traditional work schedules. In fact, many hr trends are sure to offer remote work to their most trusted employees.

It is a growing norm for people to work better from home a few times a week. As remote opportunities continue to rise, the job market becomes even more competitive. Applicants are looking for more flexibility with their schedules to have a better work-life balance.

Recruitment teams will need to offer more flexible work schedules and locations to keep up with the trends. They can attract valuable applicants who already have experience working remotely. Or they can create a more remote-friendly environment within the company.

Help Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives Evolve

One of the best hr industry trends is testing platforms with extremely diverse candidate pools.

Companies embracing D&I practices have proven that diverse work environments improve revenue. Candidates who can see diversity among teams are more likely to apply. People want to know that they will always have a place at work to be accepted as themselves.

Hence why HR teams must continue to push for retaining diverse talent pools. Companies can source from job boards or other unconventional channels. The more committed HR teams are to diversity, the better chance they have at hiring the best talent.

Empowering Managers to Better Help Employees

Front-line managers are an HR team’s biggest tools for engaging culture. Employers look for ways to add insights into managers’ hands. This can lead to their teams achieving long-term success rather than quick wins.

The shift in this perspective both attracts great applicants and retains strong employees. Recruitment teams are learning why performance reviews can be more frequent than annually. Having quarterly reviews promotes more consistent, forward-moving talks among managers and their teams.

It’s about empowering managers to have more thoughtful and considerate conversations. It can promote teams to change any problematic ways of keeping them from succeeding. It also allows HR to educate and provoke real transformation.

For companies struggling with where to start on improving their processes should see how RPA can help.

Getting Ahead of HR Trends

The best HR trends are when candidates benefit from diverse, engaged and healthy workplaces. HR teams who focus on benefiting employees mentally, physically and financially are on the rise. And as the market continues growing, so will solutions to improve HR operations.

For companies to both attract and retain the best talent, they’ll need to increase spending on these HR solutions. This will be the push most companies need to welcome a variety of HR innovations this year and beyond.

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