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5 Important Shipping Tips That Businesses Should Remember

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Running a business comes with many different responsibilities. You need to make sure that you’re meeting your customer’s needs and that your products or services are held to a high standard. If you need to ship items out to your customers or other businesses, you need to make sure you’re doing a good job. For this reason, there are some important tips that you should remember about shipping that will make life easier.

1. Always Package Items with Care

You should always do your best to package all of your items with care. If you ignore how you ship your products, things will not turn out well. Your products need to be delivered to your customers in fantastic condition. If things are getting damaged somewhere along the way, that will cost you money in the long run.

Ensure that you have strict policies in place for how your products are supposed to be shipped. Place them in the right protective packaging and ship them through a reliable service. Taking the extra time to use fillers for boxes really does make a difference. Your customers will appreciate the effort, and you’ll have to deal with far fewer returns.

2. Check Information Twice Before You Ship

It’s also crucial to get your shipping information right. You see, if you make a mistake and ship things to the wrong address, then that’s going to be a huge inconvenience. Making sure that all of the correct information is entered on all labels is important. You can avoid problems by taking a bit of extra time to check things twice.

Errors do happen, and checking things a second time will act as an extra layer of protection. This will ensure that you have the best shot of avoiding errors in the process. You won’t have any delays when it comes to getting your customers their items. Everyone will be happier, and it doesn’t cost you money to be a bit more careful.

3. Ensure That You Have the Correct Measurements

It’s going to be smart to make sure that you know the correct measurements for the packages you’re trying to ship. If you don’t have the exact information, you might wind up having to deal with extra charges. The cost of sending out these items has to do with weight, the package’s dimensions, how far the package is being sent, and much more. If you’re trying to get a quote from a courier, then you’ll want to know the exact measurements of what you’re trying to ship to get an accurate estimate.

4. You Can Schedule Pickup at Your Place of Business

For your convenience, it’s possible to schedule a pickup at your place of business. Having to grab packages and take them to a courier might not always be convenient. This is not something that you will always have the time to do, and it can take your focus away from other things. Many courier businesses will have an option where you can schedule a specific pickup location and time.

This makes things a lot easier on you, and you might even want to have a regular schedule for pickups. If you need to regularly ship out packages to customers, this will work out nicely. It’s a good idea when it simply isn’t practical for someone at your company to haul packages to a courier’s office themselves. All of this can be set up over the phone, and it’s going to make your life a bit easier.

5. Insurance Might Be Worthwhile

You might find it worthwhile to get insurance on your packages, too. Accidents can happen during the process of having an item delivered. There are certain times where packages will be lost as well. Your company shouldn’t have to eat a loss such as this, so that’s where insurance comes in.

Insurance gives you coverage that goes beyond standard reimbursement. Many courier companies will reimburse people for packages that are $100.00 or less, but you’ll need insurance for items that are more expensive than this. Consider whether you need to have insurance on the things that you’re shipping. It could wind up saving you some headaches down the line.