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Avoid These Packaging Mistakes In Your Business

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Packaging items or products you manufacture or produce can be a very important element of your business. Getting it right, however, can be tough, which is why it is important to ensure that you get this part of the process right. But, there are common packing mistakes any business can end up making. With that in mind, here are what some of them are, hopefully allowing you to avoid them within your business.

Too many materials

Many businesses, whether new or established, can make the mistake of using too many materials when it comes to their packing element.

Perhaps wrapping the product excessively or focusing too much on protecting the item but actually adding far more than is necessary to protect it. It might be worth considering other options or packaging. For example, pouches for liquids, or reinforced boxes, using air pillows instead of excessive bubble wrap to protect items or recycled sheets of paper to help avoid too much mess when the item arrives with your customer.

Getting the weight right

Packaging up an item isn’t all about the actual packaging element, you also need to think about the weight of it and the delivery methods. This is when having the right sort of scales with the correct digital load cells devices can really help you to be very exact with this.

Choosing the right delivery method can also mean that items are less likely to arrive damaged.

Not enough labelling

Often the labelling is how a customer identifies where their package has come from. Still, it also helps your delivery agents know exactly where to deliver the item without any fuss or lateness to that process of the purchase. It’s important to also include labelling inside the packaging to help with general information about the product purchased but also for returns. It might be worth considering branded packaging and larger labels to ensure you avoid this problem altogether.

Too much marketing information

It can be a significant mistake to bombard your customer with too many marketing leaflets and information inside their package they have just received. This can annoy customers and also look to over the top when it comes to repeat sales.

Include an offer, perhaps, an incentive to return as a customer if they are happy. But that would be as far as you would go with marketing inserts.

Using the wrong size box

Have you ever ordered a small item and it has arrived with excessive packaging in a large box? Or perhaps you have ordered something and found it to come in the tightest of packages where it hasn’t been adequately protected? These are two common mistakes many businesses make, and not only is it damaging to the environment because of the amount of material it uses, but it can also be annoying to your customer.

Not considering a return option

Finally, not considering a returns policy for your item isn’t ideal either. There may be times when a customer needs an alternative fit or wants to exchange their item. Including returns packaging and labelling could be a time saver as well as cost.

You could consider a box that can be reused or including a separate package and label inside the original package to use as a return if needed. You might also want to have instructions, so there is no confusion on the matter.

Let’s hope this helps improve packaging in your business.