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The Benefits of Using a VPN For Your Business

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One of the benefits of business in the 21st century is staying connected, no matter where we are in the world.

From the home office to a coffee shop on the outskirts of Bangkok, it’s possible to log in to your office emails, hold conference calls and generally ensure all is running smoothly with your business.

Unfortunately, there are also many downfalls to connecting to unknown networks too. However, VPNs are fast becoming the go-to bit of kit to log on and work, and there are plenty of reasons as to why.

Many of the best VPN service options have a wide range of features perfect for operating businesses globally, with the following among the top reasons you should download one to your laptop before connecting.

Improve Your Cyber Security

First and foremost, a VPN will significantly increase security on your device and prevent the likes of fraud and hacking.

Connecting to open networks can leave your device vulnerable, as they are easier to see who’s connected, and ultimately anybody can connect to them. A hackers paradise.

A VPN allows you to use open networks to connect to your own private network, camouflaging you from the connection and adding an extra layer of encryption that’s almost impossible to break through.

Increase Productivity

Naturally, the confidence in your connection using a VPN will see people be more willing to connect to open networks and spend longer on them when working away from the office.

This, in turn, increases productivity as there is no need to be nervous. It offers peace of mind, which is almost guaranteed for people to be fully focussed on the task at hand.

Bypass Geoblocks

One of the main issues when travelling abroad is geoblocking.

Many countries around the world have strict levels of censorship online, with business centres such as China, Dubai and Abu Dhabi particularly well known for it.

Thousands of people both in business and leisure use VPNs to bypass this and access websites and services available back home that are banned in their current country.

This is done by a VPN allowing you to connect to a server from a different country, changing your IP address and duping your browser into thinking you’re operating in a different country.

For example, you may work in marketing and be required to update some Facebook ads while working in Beijing, or you may need to access your Gmail emails. China has banned both Google and Facebook, and without a VPN it’s impossible to access them, which of course can be extremely detrimental to business.

You can connect to servers worldwide to work, which can also be useful for viewing a particular country’s version of a website.

Connect Directly To The Office Server

One of the main issues with working out of the office is connecting to the server. A VPN can solve this, though, in just a few simple and secure steps.

This will allow you to access all the files you need remotely and continue to be just as productive as you would be at the office desk.

It essentially offers a virtual, point-to-point tunnel, creating a private network that can only be accessed by people with the correct credentials. It can be hugely beneficial, particularly for business meetings where you need to display work to clients.

They’re Cheap Too

What’s more, this isn’t groundbreaking new technology that costs thousands of dollars. VPNs are incredibly reasonably priced and can be used on multiple devices in many cases.

They can be as cheap as just a few dollars per month, yet in reality, they could help you earn thousands upon thousands by opening up the office on a global scale.