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Stay Safe, Stay Private

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When so much our life is conducted online, keeping our personal details safe and away from hackers is the responsibility of every one of us who uses a smart phone or computer.

You already carry out your software updates regularly and have installed high-grade anti-virus software not to mention a solid firewall, but if you’re still concerned about your security online then it might be time to look into a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Encrypting your data and traffic while at the same time protecting your identity a VPN works by redirecting your internet through a remote server, giving you an additional layer of protection before you access a website. The VPN effectively bypasses your ISP (internet service provider) so they can’t see any of the activity you carry out online.

Adding a VPN is perfect for people who access sensitive data and especially for anyone who works on the go, using public or café Wifi for example. These networks are notoriously untrustworthy and potentially give access to your data to so many people. Routing the Wifi connection through a VPN will provide you with peace of mind that your work files cannot be accessed by anyone else in your vicinity or using the same Wifi connection as you.

There are other benefits besides security too. As a VPN places you outside your geographical location you’ll be able to access websites that are usually geographically restricted, while also keeping your privacy protected. Useful if you’re carrying out research or trying to find information in locations that are hot on restrictions.

You don’t need to be an investigative journalist or businessperson accessing sensitive files to benefit from installing a VPN. If you use your computer regularly to browse blogs, shop or buy online then this additional layer of security is a great way of protecting your personal information, such as date of birth and so on as well as your bank details.

If you want to keep your browser history under wraps, perhaps you need to research a medical condition or find a surprise dream holiday for a loved one, using a VPN will provide you with the privacy you need.

In this digital age of snooping by third parties and our data sold off to the highest bidder for profit, adding extra layers of protection to our internet use is a smart and sensible decision.

If you’ve had enough of feeling like your search history is wide open for third parties to take advantage of then look no further.  If you’ve experienced data breaches before and need to feel like you’ve gone the extra mile to protect yourself and your private information, than consider installing a VPN.

Whether you work off a Mac or want VPN for Windows, there will be a system out there that will bring you peace of mind. Shop around and find a product that ticks all of your boxes and say goodbye to snooping and open networks and hello to a robust and safer internet experience.