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Use These Interactive Content Marketing Types

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Regular content marketing is passive. Readers arrive at a website, read a blog or watch a video without having to do anything. But interactive content marketing is different. Instead of being consumed passively, it requires users to take some type of action.

This is perhaps best illustrated with a series of examples. There are all kinds of ways to make content interactive and they’re making their mark in the buyer’s journey. In the image below, Content Marketing Institute Research 2016 say: “respondents were asked at which stage each type is most effective when used for content marketing. Base type varied on whether the respondent was familiar with and rated the type.”

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Examples of Interactive Content Marketing Types


Quizzes are a popular way of getting users engaged with your content. Asking users to answer simple questions related to a piece of content they just read can help make your core message stick in their minds.


Not everybody has the math skills to convert between units (like feet and meters) or work out how much a particular loan or financial product is going to cost them per year. Calculators help customers get answers to questions quickly without having to reach for their calculator or spend hours doing complicated calculations.


Polls can be used for all kinds of different purposes, from asking users which products they prefer to getting their opinions on which charity your business should support. Polls provide valuable information about what matters to your target audience and can even help you work out what content you should produce in the future.

Heat Maps

Businesses use heat maps for things that can be represented geographically, like voting patterns. Users pan over heat maps and statistics pop up for different regions, providing in-depth information.

Interactive Lookbooks

Online shops make good use of interactive Lookbooks to provide the prospective customer with a more impactful visual experience of viewing products. Zooming in on the detail of the product and providing visuals of it from different angles e.g. viewing a dress on a model from the front, back and side view.

Where appropriate enhance your audience’s experience with an interactive content marketing type. Like all things overuse will dilute the experience so mix it up and don’t be afraid to share your experiences as a customer – digital storytelling is also a highly effective content marketing strategy.

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