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5 Reasons Content Is Essential To Digital Marketing

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Content is an umbrella term for all written and visual elements on websites. It gives value to your site and business, as well as your social pages.

Developing the right content strategy is essential for digital marketing, and what you did last year may not be relevant now.

For example, your content plan must be for where your business is now, not last year or earlier. If you’ve modified your niche, then your content must change with it. Avoid getting around the challenge of updating content by using generic posts.

Too many companies are still producing content that just isn’t right for their customer. If you can provide value and connect with your audience, the content will become a key driving force in your business.

What has not changed is how you pull together relevant resources and create content that resonates with your target audience.

This article will look at five reasons you need to focus more on unique content regarding your online marketing strategy.

Five Reasons To Focus On Unique Content

1. To inform your audience

Your content shows your audience that you know what you’re talking about, i.e. you’re a subject matter expert!

Blogs, for example, can position your business as a trusted authority in the industry. Keep the standard of English high but always engage using layperson’s language. The less confused an audience is, the more they stay engaged. Your audience will see that you provide value through sharing your knowledge and that your business is not just focused on the ‘selling’. It’s there to also support customers make the right decisions.

2. To rank in Google

Creating great content is one of the best ways to reach your target audience, but how does anyone find your content, to begin with?

Ranking in Google can help you achieve this. Utilize SEO best practices and keywords in your content to help Google find your pages faster. You can also submit URLs individually to Google to speed up the process.

3. To earn links from other sites

When you create excellent content that’s well-written and engaging, other websites will want to link it, resulting in a backlink to your website.

The ultimate or ‘dream outcome’ for your site’s authority is when other high authority websites link back to one of your blog posts or articles. Their high DA (domain authority) usually includes good organic traffic, and this is also how your targeted audience finds you. Plus, the backlink also helps a lot with SEO.

Content and SEO is a topic worth researching and we have articles on it including this one or this article on how content can boost SEO.

4. To share on social media

In a time where social media rules our daily lives, shareable content is key to getting noticed. This is the main reason why interesting content should be a part of your digital marketing strategy.

There’s no excuse for businesses not to have social media accounts, but you don’t need to be using all of them at once.

Finding the right platform with the audience you want to engage with will save you time and resources.

Instagram and Pinterest are the best for visual marketing and particularly useful for retailers and creative businesses. Through the re-pin function on Pinterest, for example, your product images can really take off.

On LinkedIn, you can post full blogs and grow your connections in your industry. On Twitter and Facebook, you can be found through hashtags and tags from others in your existing audience.

5. To gain conversions

Once you’ve created the best content, how can it lead to conversions and new customers?

Always end your content with a relevant call to action. What is the next move you want people to make after reading or watching your content? This psychological nudge focuses on the individual and encourages them to act.

Incorporate conversion rate optimization even further through in-depth analyses, which can be done by a digital marketing agency.

Start off as you mean to carry on, and that will be with a content strategy that is revised often, so it remains relevant and achieves the right outcomes for your business.

An Update

While this article focuses on improving the content on your sites and social media, we realise more can be done to give your business the edge in its market.

Make sure you are consistent with unique content in all your marketing campaigns – includes emails. Do not plagiarize from competitors or content you find online.

Be original and show your customer network and advocate your business is a leader in content that wows.