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Print Advertising Isn’t Dead! Check out These Physical Advertising Trends

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So, you’ve heard print marketing is dead so there’s no reason to dedicate a portion of your budget to it. Sorry to say, but whoever told you that is wrong.

In fact, there are some instances where print marketing is still very valuable. Even more so than digital marketing. In a recent survey, 82% of people polled said they trusted print advertising more than digital.

But, a successful campaign marries the two.

How do you do that? Knowing the latest advertising trends is a start.

We’re filling you in on the five hottest print advertising trends of 2019.

1. Newsletters Are Back

Email newsletter campaigns were successful — and still are. But after a brief hiatus, printed newsletters are back.

Instead of jamming as much content in it as possible, focus on the important content that works. Share your company’s biggest news or staff additions.

Keep your layout clean and use big, bold titles. Make sure you include your logo and use bright colors for impact.

2. Make Your Print Ads Interactive

Interactive marketing is thriving in the digital sector right now. People love polls, lookbooks, and quizzes.

But how do you make a static ad interactive?

Use both QR codes and customized mobile phone apps in your print marketing to offer a discount code or coupon. Or, mail out a brochure with a discount code that your target audience can use online.

This gives them a unique experience that they’ll remember.

3. Use Social Media as a Guide

You’ll get results from a social media campaign faster than a traditional one. So, use these metrics to choose what campaign to put in your printed material.

You can also use social media analytics to find out who’s clicking on your ad and who isn’t. Will your online audience and in-person audience be the same? They should be.

If not, you’re wasting time targeting a demo that isn’t spending money on your product or service. Use the feedback from your social media posts as a sounding board for suggestions for your printed ads.

4. Use Your Logo

This sounds obvious, but it’s so important it’s worth mentioning anyway. You spent a good amount of time and money designing your digital logo. Use it in your traditional advertising!

Your designer likely has your logo as a vector, which means it’s scalable for print without getting distorted. Don’t use an older logo or brand tagline. Whatever you have on your site and social accounts is what you should use in your print ads.

If you haven’t updated your logo in a while, now’s the time to do it! Companies like Flywheel Brands, Inc. offer logo design for a fair price. Using a designer is a smart choice if you’re running on a tight deadline.

5. Personalize Everything

Direct mail is still going strong. The key is to personalize everything you send out.

This is where all five advertising trends come together. Make sure in every piece of printed material, you use your online analytics as a resource to target your intended audience.

Research your potential customers’ preferences. Then, apply that to your newsletters, direct mailers, brochures, and ads.

Adding that personal touch will turn any potential customers into paying ones.

Combine the Latest Digital and Print Advertising Trends

The digital marketing landscape is getting crowded. Many companies have abandoned their print marketing to focus only on digital ads.

Don’t be that brand!

Use these advertising trends with your current digital campaign to stand out from the crowd. In doing this, you’re driving your message home even harder.

Make sure your newsletter or brochure has your logo on it, as well as a way for your audience to connect with you online. Include your website and social media accounts.

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