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Top Mobile Marketing Strategies Your Business Needs To Start Using Today

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Here is an undeniable fact about today’s world: mobile is now mainstream. There are simply more searches being completed today using mobile devices such as smart phones versus desktop or laptop computers.

As a result, you can no longer assume that most of your customers are finding out about your company through a mobile search. On the contrary, you really have to assume the opposite.

And this is all exactly why a true marketing strategy in today’s climate is a mobile marketing strategy, or a strategy that is designed primarily with a mobile audience in mind.

While you may have understood this already, if you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you’ve decided that your mobile marketing strategy is in need of a little work.

Here are the top mobile marketing strategies that your business needs to start using today:

Speed Your Site Up

Even if your website is already fast to load, including on mobile devices, it doesn’t hurt at all to speed it up even more.

Here’s the thing: a slow page speed is one of the very worst things that can happen to you in regards to SEO, or search engine optimization (more on this later).

Furthermore, nobody likes a slow site. Do you? And while you may think that your website loading within five to seven seconds is fast enough, it really may not be.

What you will need to do is run a thorough evaluation of your website’s speed using a speed auditing tool online, such as ones offered by Google. Then, compare your site’s speed against that of your competitors to see where you can improve.

Optimize Your Emails For Mobile

Did you know that 79% of people who own a smartphone check their phone their very first thing in the morning before doing anything else?

And can you guess what a significant portion of those people are really checking when they check their phone? That’s right: their email.

Running an effective email marketing campaign is a crucial aspect of mobile marketing, which is why you need to optimize your emails for mobile devices.

There are several ways to do this: first and foremost, write one to two sentence paragraphs only. Secondly, use shorter headers in your email (one to five words). Finally, keep the overall email short. If there’s anything that can be cut out, anything at all, do so.

The idea is that people should be able to open the email, scan through it to get the point of the message, and then check out whichever offer or link it is that you send to them.

Don’t Neglect Local Marketing

Many people assume that turning to mobile marketing means they should avoid local marketing, but this is really the direct opposite kind of approach that you will want to take.

Here’s why: a significant percentage of mobile searches for businesses are done using the ‘near me’ or ‘near my location’ features. This is why local marketing is really so important.

Therefore, you should focus your SEO campaign around local keywords, or at least include local based keywords in your content. Your neighborhood, street name, city name, and any nearby landmarks or historical sites can be included in your content, and it will help you.

Finally, make it incredibly easy for people to get in touch with you by having your company’s contact information clearly listed out on your website and social media pages, and if anything, encourage people to reach out to you so it feels more welcoming.

Don’t Neglect SEO

Since more people are searching for things they want or need using mobile devices rather than laptop or desktop computers, it’s easy to assume that SEO is no longer important if marketing now revolves around emails, social media, and apps.

Even so, people are still using search engines on their mobile devices to search for things, and that’s why traditional SEO techniques are still vitally important.

Mobile Marketing Tactics For Your Business

In many ways, mobile marketing will need to serve as the heart and soul of your overall marketing campaign.

As a final piece of advice, take note that none of this means mobile marketing is inherently difficult. It’s just a little different in contrast to other forms of online marketing, and you can amplify your chances of success with mobile marketing by applying the tips and strategies that we have learned about in this article.