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Send Me A Sign! 6 Reasons Why Signage Is Crucial In Any Business

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Signs. Do we really pay that much attention to them? They’re just – there. They give us direction, advice, information and even keep us safe. But what part does signage have to play in business, if any? Not much, is probably the initial answer…but when you think about it a little more, good signage is absolutely crucial in the success and the preservation of your business.

Still unconvinced? Read on for 6 reasons why signage is crucial in any business.

They’ll protect you from lawsuits

A trip or fall, an accident at work….most of these things can be prevented with good, clear signage as part of your health and safety policies – check out mysafetysign for the latest designs – if you fail to implement signs in and around your workplace, and someone has an accident then you could be libel for a personal injury claim, which won’t just be devastating financially but could also ruin the reputation of your business.

They help keep people safe

From signs telling people where the nearest fire escape is, to information on the nearest first aid station, or fire equipment and emergency evacuation points. Signage is crucial for keeping everyone in the building safe.


No one would know your business existed without a good amount of signage. And signs have always been used to advertise the location and the services available to potential customers. There are so many different signs available for advertising purposes, and while the cost of a website is usually ongoing, once you’ve paid for a sign, it’s yours to keep. Making them cost effective ways of advertising. You have the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of new customers every single year!

They reinforce your brand

A good logo and a great sign go hand in hand. And when they work together they help to reinforce your brand and build a connection with potential customers, who will instantly recognise your business and know exactly what you offer. A great sign with a stand out design should make you instantly recognisable and (hopefully) help you to stand out from your competitors.

They work all year round

It doesn’t matter what day it is, once your signage is on display it’s there to stay, giving you the potential to reach huge amounts of new clients every single day. The beauty of good signage is that it’s hugely cost effective and unlike it’s digital counterpart, there is very little maintenance required. You don’t have to change anything or ensure it looks right on other platforms, it’s minimal effort with maximum return.

You can advertise anywhere

The great thing about traditional signage is that people don’t have to be online to be exposed to your brand. Signage is so versatile that you can advertise with giant billboards on the side of the freeway, and yet advertise to local people with car graphics on the side of your vehicle.

So if you’re looking for some traditional signage, speak to an expert in sign making today!