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7 Creative Ways to Redo Your Home Office and Increase Productivity

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If you feel like your productivity is slowly decreasing and you’re not achieving what you used to, it might be time to consider redoing your office. Even though this sounds like a big undertaking, there is no need to worry, as just a few tweaks can help you accomplish this goal. Take a look at some creative design ideas for being more productive in your home office.

Find the Best Color Palette

The entire design of your office depends on the type of work you do, and the color palette is no different. You must pick the right shade for your office to play a vital role in your productivity. Looking into color psychology is your best bet; that way, you can see which color matches your objectives.

For creatives, yellow is often recommended. If you need a calm and relaxing space, blues and greens are the best choices. Moreover, don’t forget about accent colors. Seeing how red is an excellent option for salespeople and negotiators.

Lights Are Important

Having natural light in your office is quite beneficial both for your health and productivity. Try moving your desk close to the window as that can boost your mood and performance. Add a sheer curtain that will let the light in but give you some privacy as well.

If you are not that fortunate to have a window in your office, you should look into the best artificial options. Make sure you have different types of lighting, including overhead and task lights. Opting for LEDs is the most cost-effective solution, so consider getting all new light bulbs.

Introduce Nature

Bringing the outdoors in is a great way to breathe some new life into your space. Plants can not only clean the air, but they can also help you de-stress. Try adding a couple of leafy ones or having fresh flowers regularly. You can go for low-maintenance plants, such as cacti and succulents if you have a black thumb. Furthermore, if you just can’t manage to keep them alive, you can add a picture of nature or make sure your window offers you a view of nature.

Water also has a calming effect on people. You can make a DIY fountain to keep in your office. On the other hand, you can even add a fish tank to provide you with a sense of calm.

Go for Minimalism

Your office should always be clean and tidy as that will make you feel more productive and make the people who visit you more comfortable. Not having too many furniture and décor pieces is crucial for keeping the office spotless.

If you do not have the time to clean your office regularly, you should hire some help. Companies like Nice and Clean will tidy up your space in no time, which will allow your work to flourish.

Look for Modular Furniture

Having the proper furniture is vital for being productive. Your health is of the essence and incorporating ergonomic furniture is the best way to prevent back and neck pain. Look for chairs and a desk that can be adjusted.

Moreover, getting furniture pieces that can easily be rearranged is quite practical as you can move them around as you work. Customizing your environment is the best way to achieve your goals, as you can change whatever is bothering you.

Use Eco-Friendly Materials

Nature’s effect on our mood has already been mentioned, but you can take it to a whole new level. Biophilia tells us that humans crave a connection to nature, which can be implemented in more ways than one.

While adding plants is great for your health, you can also think about the state of our planet and consider implementing some sustainable materials. For example, look into using reclaimed materials for both your floors and furniture. Recycled plastic and metal can also find use in your office.

Add Some Personality

We are always more productive when we feel comfortable. That is why you should add some personal touches to the room. Find candles or reed diffusers with a smell you like. An air freshener is also a great addition if you don’t have a window that opens. Put up some artwork that motivates you; as mentioned, it can be pictures of nature and water.

Furthermore, if you have some prized possessions, you can also implement them into the office. Moreover, hang some motivational quotes to keep you going.