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Eco Friendly Business Premises – A Point of Difference

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Businesses are always looking for a point of difference to remain relevant and grow. Being eco friendly and sustainable is more than a trend. Discerning consumers are making buying decisions based on their green friendly beliefs and therefore businesses need to do more, show commitment to zero carbon and sustainability, in everything they do, to win their custom.

The choices businesses make when fitting out their showrooms, shops, customer spaces can make or break a sale. Right down to the sustainable flooring – get it right and shout it from the rooftops in marketing and communications and the point of difference is yours.

Global resources are dwindling at a rapid rate and big businesses just cannot afford to ignore the fact that people want to deal with ethical companies. You just have to look at the campaigns out there now to know that people are actively staying away from companies that do not practice ethical behaviours that are also eco friendly.

Green based businesses are getting all the custom, and if you’re still on the fence as to why you and your business should be more eco friendly, we’ve got a few of the best reasons it’s time to look into it.


Businesses put forward eco friendly policies for a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest is the law. If you are interacting with suppliers and customers in a way that is friendly to the environment, your business is going to help the government toward their renewable energy targets. There are also financial benefits, such as using solar power based off the government schemes that support businesses who are more eco friendly.


There is no way that any business out there can say that they don’t know how to be more eco friendly. People talk, customers talk, and social media is connecting all of these people together who will raise awareness and platforms to discuss what they are using, how it’s made and whether the practices from a business are eco friendly and ethical. The switch toward sustainability, from sustainable power to sustainable flooring, is slowing down the companies that practice exploitation in the name of profit. Consumers are the ones driving the bottom line, and if gaining more customers means being more environmentally aware, why wouldn’t you engage in it?


Whether you’ve heard of the palm oil crisis or not, you need to do some reading. Consumers are refusing to use products that are factors in environmental destruction and deforestation leading to mass animal extinction. This means that companies have to find alternative sources for their products if they want to keep their customers. Without that, there is no profit or bottom line.

We are in an age of change, and if a business doesn’t become more eco friendly, they are not going to keep up with those changes and will fail – and that’s a fact. The key is to look at your business premises and figure out whether you are doing all that you can to be friendlier to the environment. If not, it’s time for change.

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