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5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Business for the New Year


The end of the year is a great time to reflect on and celebrate all your successes and triumphs you’ve had throughout the year. While doing so however, it’s also important to create a mindframe for how you’d like to see your business flourish in the new year, and which ways it can do so. Here 5 tips to consider to refresh and renew your business for the coming new year:

1. Update Signage

Maybe your hours of operation have changed, or your holiday hours are taking effect. Either way if you have a window-facing business or a storefront the end of the year can be a tactful time to refresh your signage. This assures clients that you’re active and present, and also tells customers your business prioritizes renewal (which might be an important priority for them personally as well).

2. Replenish Wearables

Every business knows the importance of swag, but the end of the year can be a resourceful time to refocus on customized branded wearables. Think about what logos or slogans would make fun temporary tattoos or how you can give basic tote bags an upgrade with your branding. It doesn’t have to just be swag items, customize embroidered patches for your different departments, or upgrade nametags to magnetic badges.

3. Hold a Contest

The end of the year can sometimes mean two things: lower sales and leftover stock. Launching a contest is a strategic tool that lets customers engage with your brand during a period where this can sometimes be low. Contests can also help you push overstock product and get quick last-minute sales. End of year promos and contests can help keep your business in customer’s mind moving forward in the new year.

4. Revive Online

If you’re giving your physical business space a refresh doesn’t mean you should ignore your online presence. If your site isn’t getting a lot of traffic towards the end of the year, it can be a useful time to try to new layouts or concepts you’ve been wanting to implement. It can also be a clever time to update the colours, fonts, or even logos on your website.

5. Learn New Things

A new year means new trends in business. During the year it can be easy to be unaware of what’s going on outside of your sphere. Take time out this season to not only unwind, but catch up on newsletters or blogs that have researched what’s been effective for businesses in the past year, and what other strategies may be effective for the coming one. You can never learn too much, and new perspectives can be an affluent way to refresh for the new year.

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