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Creative Marketing Ideas That Can Boost Your Business

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If your business is experiencing a slump with attracting new customers or retaining your current ones, you may need a marketing makeover.

Effective marketing can make or break your company and keep your profit margins at a healthy level. Today’s world features a variety of effective marketing techniques that can be easily tackled without the use of a specialized advertising agency or firm.

Here are some creative marketing ideas that could help you boost your business and get you back to success.


Start your next marketing campaign off with a bang by using a contest. First, decide on a prize that has some value to your potential customers or current customer base. Then, think of a creative way to engage with the public and make the contest actually fun.

Avoid doing a simple, generic giveaway that offers no interaction between you, your customers, and other members of the public. Some potential ideas could be a photo contest, caption writing contest, or video upload contest.

Viral Videos

Another fun and creative way to boost your marketing is to create a viral video. It’s tough to master the formula that top content creators have used to make viral videos. It’s best to go with a very short video so your audience’s attention span isn’t tested.

Focus on content that makes an impact, either being funny, touching, inspiring, or simply amazing.

Look beyond the typical ways your products or services are presented.

Unique Platforms

Next, consider using unique platforms to market your company or products. Some businesses have found success by using urban marketing in large cities. This is when you post advertisements in the street or on different parts of a city to spread the word about your company. Sidewalk chalk, street art, flyers, or other low tech methods can help give your company a new voice.


If you’re sick of the typical advertising content you see online, think about how your customers feel. Mix it up a little bit by creating an infographic instead of a traditional marketing post.

Infographics are fun to read and make and are more effective in making an impression than an article or other sources of content. You can also make them more visually appealing with graphics, charts, tables, and symbols.

Engaging Content

The key to mastering content when it comes to marketing is to make it engaging. Consumers today are rejecting the traditional ad content model, passive information in various forms.

Instead, opt for engaging content that piques their interest and relates directly to a problem they may have. It’s also smart to use native content that seemingly blends in with other articles and content from top social media platforms and websites. If you create engaging content opportunities, you can influence people.

Interactive Ads

Interactive ads are also much more effective to help boost your marketing impact. Creating apps and interactive games related to your product, brand, or company can help you promote things more effectively. Have your customers do something and be part of the experience of the ad instead of passively listening or watching.

Emotional Stories

Using online content to create something with emotional impact is another effective way you can boost your brand identity and eventually, your business.

Someone who has really revolutionized this strategy is Mark Crumpacker, who created ads for Chipotle that gave the public something to think about and real emotions to feel. He used music, video, animation, and key brand concepts to get the world to think about the eatery.


Social media’s top tool of hashtags can also help you quickly and effortlessly boost your brand’s power.

Whether you create your own hashtag or add a common or popular one to your social media posts, using hashtags can help your advertisements blend into other types of content and seem less like a commercial. They can also give your marketing strategies more stand out power and punch.

Local Content

Don’t forget to figure in the power of using local content if your business is restricted to one geographic area. Many consumers are so used to seeing generic content related to a company or product that has nothing to do with their city or neighborhood.

Local businesses can show off specific knowledge about the needs of a region and make content more timely, effective, and useful to a larger group of consumers.

Social Media Platforms

The last smart idea to help companies market with more creativity and effectiveness is with a variety of social media platforms. Take the time to use each social media platform or site differently instead of copying and pasting all of your posts and creating the same content everywhere.

Build on your own ideas to give your audience something unique and a little more exciting than the typical marketing campaigns they see every day.

Creative marketing techniques can help your business stand out and be more different. This way, you can build a stronger sense of brand loyalty and a more exciting voice with your customers.