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Marketing for Law Firms: 5 Tips That Yield Impressive Results

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The Boston Globe released an article a couple of years back talking about the lawyer bubble in America. In it, they outlined the rapid growth of the legal field and stated that in America over 1.2 million people carry law degrees and are all competing for a population whose collective legal demand is not high enough.

This lack of demand for legal professionals has made it harder than ever for law firms to cut through the clutter and find quality, consistent clientele.

The firms who have succeeded amidst this adversity have invested their resources and learning and utilizing effectively one very special weapon… digital marketing.

Digital marketing encompasses a wide variety of methods that harness the internet to connect with thousands of targeted clients.

If you’re a legal professional looking to take their law practice to the next level, below are 5 marketing for law firms tips you can’t ignore.

1. Social Media

Social media may not seem like a native fit for the legal world but if your firm is looking to connect with millennials, you need to start taking it seriously. Social media is not only free, but an incredibly powerful way to generate quality leads for your firm.

To get started with social media as a marketing for law firms method, figure out which platforms house your most coveted customers. For example, if you’re looking to target primarily affluent 30-year-old and over males, you’ll want to be more active on LinkedIn than on Instagram.

Once you’ve analyzed which platforms represent the most lead opportunities for your firm, start sharing content on those platform(s). This content should be incredibly valuable and help establish you as a thought leader in your field. At the end of each content piece you share, include a call to action which prompts people to schedule a consultation with your firm.

You’ll find that on social media, if you share content that feels native to the platforms you’re using regularly, the leads will start to pour in over time.

2. Create a Blog

Google is responsible for directing over 5 billion users a day to websites all over the internet. If you want to be the law firm that Google directs clients looking for legal services to, you’ll want to create a blog.

A blog affords your law firm the opportunity to quickly create content which will then get indexed by Google and create more opportunities to connect with prospective customers. Your blog content can be on a wide variety of subjects but should be short, sweet, and answer people’s most sought after questions.

To figure out what those sought-after questions are, think about what your current client’s top concerns are or start doing SEO research (more on that next).

3. Get SEO Savvy

There is perhaps no science more important to skyrocketing your law firm to the top of search engine results than SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) is when you analyze what it is your target market is typing into Google most frequently and what websites are getting served as a result of those searches.

Once you’ve figured out what people are looking for, you can then start to create content that targets those search queries and is better than the content currently being served up. If you do this, you’ll find that over time your website’s relevant pages will start to surface higher in search engine results than your competition.

As a law firm, you’ll also want to invest some resources in local SEO as well which helps target people in your service area. To get started you’ll want lots of contextual information on your website which tells search engines things like the area you operate out of, your business hours, phone number, etc.

With that information in place, Google will do a better job of connecting local searchers to your content which means a higher probability of getting a client.

4. Recycle Content

If you have a lot of excellent written content on your law firm’s website, an easy marketing for law firms trick to get more miles out of your content is repurposing it.

For example, take your blog content and turn it into a video where you sit in front of a camera and walk people through your article’s information. You making your content available across more mediums means more chances you’ll net customers who prefer different ways of consuming information.

5. Manage Your Online Reputation

A staggering amount of people use websites like Yelp, Facebook and Google. They use these platforms to determine whether or not to do business with an organization based on their reviews. If your reviews are negative or if you don’t have reviews on those platforms, you are undoubtedly losing money.

Therefore, you should create business accounts on all platforms relevant to your customers. You should then be sure to respond to reviews that are left, both good and bad. Finally, ask happy clients to leave you a review on platforms and in return, give them some sort of incentive.

You’ll find that the more 5 star reviews you have, the more 5 star customers you’ll get walking through your doors. A good example of a firm with an excellent online reputation is The Brown Firm.

Wrapping Up Proven Marketing for Law Firms Methods

If you have a law firm and are trying to grow your business in today’s lawyer heavy market, we recommend leveraging the marketing for law firms methods listed above.

You’ll find that if you master even 1 or 2 of our attorney marketing tips, your client pipeline will begin to flow more consistently. Your rate of client retention will go way up!

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