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Digital Marketing Strategy Essentials for 2018

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Did you know that Google updates its algorithm over 500 times a year? For that reason alone, you need to stay on top of the latest online marketing trends. However, user trends change just as fast as the SEO industry itself. For example, a recent study suggested that people between the ages of 18 and 34 are more likely to ignore online banner advertisements than they are radio, newspaper and TV ads. So, how can you make sure your online marketing campaigns gain a return on investment in 2018?

From creating engaging blogs to auditing your website as frequently as required, here are some of the best ways in which you can develop on online marketing strategy that promises to work wonders for your business.

1.   Make Your Customers’ Needs Your Top Priority

Many online businesses try to promote their brand by purchasing ad spaces on hundreds of websites and acquiring traffic to force sales. However, as mentioned above, many digital ads are ignored by today’s younger generations (the ones that are practically glued to the internet). Instead of trying to drive revenues by sheer force, concentrate on what your users want in order to tweak your online marketing campaigns and make small efficiency improvements in conversation rates. Retargeting previous users, capturing readers via email campaigns and publishing on social media can all pay dividends.

2. Audit Your Search Engine Optimisation Efforts

SEO is all about ensuring your websites is primed to rank high for the keywords your customers are searching for. Most industry experts agree that it’s wise to update your SEO strategy every three months based on the performance of your targeted keywords and industry developments. If you don’t know which are the best analytic tools or how to use them, you can always hire an accomplished online marketing agency to help you out.

3. Generate Leads Via Blogging

What many businesses assume is a waste of time and resources is actually one of the best ways to build trust with your readers and establish yourself as an authoritative figure in your industry. Businesses that publish blogs can generate up to 67 percent more leads that companies that neglect to bother. So, now’s the time to create an effective blog strategy for your business if you haven’t already done so.

4.  Optimise Your Website for Mobiles

Increasingly, people are more likely to search for small businesses using their mobile than a desktop, making it essential to optimise your web content for mobile devices. As voice recognition technology continues to become more and more sophisticated, the gap between mobile and desktop searches is likely to widen. Make sure your website loads quickly on mobile devices, and use small paragraphs to ensure your content isn’t ignored by potential customers.

Nowadays, almost all businesses – especially start-ups – need a website to remain competitive, but without an effective and measurable marketing strategy, your website will merely be a drop in the ocean. By leveraging the techniques detailed above, you can help make sure your digital marketing efforts prove worthwhile.