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10 Best Promo Products Your Business Needs at a Conference


Most of today’s marketing is now online but there are times where you need traditional promo products, like at a meeting with potential clients or at a big, annual trade show. Giving something physical and tangible can seem old-fashioned, yes, but promotional products still leave a lasting impact.

As a matter of fact, branded giveaways can cause a rippling effect of positive word-of-mouth or brand discovery. People might not immediately pay attention to the brand on the side of a mug but they eventually will as they keep using the item. When they let someone else borrow the item, that person too will become aware of your brand.

But which promotional products for trade shows are effective, affordable, and meaningful? Which ones can benefit your company the most?

To help you decide, here is a look at the top 10 branded promo products you can give away:

Promotional Pens

Looking to promote your business on a budget?

You can’t go wrong with branded pens. Not only are these affordable but they also serve a functional purpose. They’re also elegant gifts for clients at a trade show or important conference.

Not sure which type of pen to give? Rollerball pens and ballpoint pens are the traditional choices for office giveaways. It is advisable to stick with rollerball pens because they tend to be thicker, giving more space for you to print your company logo on it.

USB Flash Drive

Like promo pens, USB flash drives are functional and affordable promotional products. It’s cheap and quick to print your logo on the side of a flash drive, ensuring you won’t spend too much on giveaways.

The real kicker, however, is how quick and easy people share flash drives around an office. Even with the speed of modern wireless technology, people still use flash drives when they have to share files from one computer to the next.

Did you give it to a few people during a trade show? You can bet those people will use those flash drives at work to pass files and important digital documents, guaranteeing others will see and notice your brand.

Magnet Buttons

If you want to give out useful promotional products that don’t necessarily lay around in an office setting, why not give magnet buttons?

Sure, employees can use magnet buttons at work to keep all their paper notes on a wall or in their locker, but these items also penetrate their homes. If you give fridge magnet buttons, for example, then the person you gave it to will see your brand each time they go to the kitchen for a glass of water.

Water Bottle

One of the factors people forget about when attending trade shows or big conferences is that there’s hundreds or thousands of other attendees. Each year, more than 5,000 people attend Apple’s WWDC event. Each year, you can expect people to suffer from exhaustion or dehydration.

Remedy that by giving away promotional water bottles.

People will find those bottles useful even after a major conference. Almost every employee brings a water bottle to the office for a quick drink of water or juice. Why not give them something that not only refreshes them but also promotes your business?

Tote Bags and Drawstring Bags

Bags, particularly tote bags and drawstring bags, might not seem like optimal giveaways. However, keep in mind that employees have a regular life outside of work and they can use these bags when out shopping, camping, or when they simply need something in the car to hold their things together.

Drawstring bags are great when you want to promote a sense of adventure. Tote bags, especially eco-friendly ones, are great when you want to promote your company and show off that your business cares about the environment. People love eco-friendly businesses and this could be a good way for you to showcase that image.

Stress Balls

Not everyone thinks about stress balls when it comes to promotional items to give away but they can become the most effective assets in your marketing plan.

Keep in mind that the workplace, regardless of what industry, can be a stressful environment. From blue collar jobs to high-end office jobs, people get exhausted and frustrated at work.

Stress balls help people fight those negative feelings and wouldn’t it be great if they saw your brand while their mind relaxes?

Luggage Tags

Traveling is inevitable for people who work a lot and you can promote your brand while giving something useful with branded luggage tags.

These are small and cheap to print. However, they’re highly effective since the owner will constantly look out for their tag while on the go. It’s the one and only means of identifying their luggage from all the rest so now your gift becomes a necessity.


Like luggage tags, these are marketing products that people might not think much about until they realize how often they look at it and hold it in their hands. It won’t take long for someone to realize how often they see your brand each time they start their car or unlock the front door.

This is ingenious marketing at its finest.

The best part is that printing costs on keychains are incredibly cheap. You can print hundreds of these and give them away to more people than you would with a bigger product.

Wearable Promo Products

Sometimes, the best way to market your business is through the most blatant means possible. This involves printing your logo as big as possible on a shirt, jacket, or cap.

After all, people love to wear clothes that show-off something they support or like. A lot of people wear things Superman shirts or Chicago Bulls jerseys because people love the brand, the character, or show.

It can be a bit more expensive than the other promo products on this list but there’s no denying how effective this can be. Other people will see your brand since it’s up front and loud on a person’s apparel.

Business Cards

Other times, a traditional business card is all you need.

People still hand out business cards, even in today’s digital age, but you do have to go to great lengths to make sure your card stands out. Otherwise, the recipient will stuff it in their wallet, burying it among the other forgettable calling cards in there.

Some businesses don’t even print their company’s physical address on a business card anymore since snail mail is a thing of the past. Instead, most modern business cards showcase an immediate contact number, Facebook or Twitter handle, and a URL to an important landing page.

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Using these 10 promo products, you can advertise your company and increase brand awareness while giving away items people can enjoy, share, and appreciate. These items are not only effective in promoting your business but functional for day-to-day use as well.

Why stop there?

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