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Writing Engaging Content for the “Boring” Niche


I’ve read the same excuses hundreds of times, “I can’t think of anything interesting to write about,” “nobody wants to read about such a boring topic,” or “I’m running out of topics that are worth writing about.” In fact, I’ve used the same excuses myself. It’s a tough battle to overcome. But, not impossible. And, truth is, you may be slightly over exaggerating. I mean, if I can get passed the “boring niche” issue, so can you. You’ll find out why soon.

The “Boring” Topic

First off, let’s put the “I’m writing in a boring niche, so I can’t come up with any interesting content” excuse to an end.

There are no boring subjects; just dull, boring content writers.

Use your imagination, be creative, devote some time to searching the internet. I promise, you will find something engaging to write about.

Let me share a little secret with you; I am the content marketer for Skutchi Designs, an office cubicle manufacturer and contract office furniture supplier. Try and come up with an exciting topic to write about based around cubicles…I’ll wait. So, I’m sorry, but your paint store does not even fall on my spectrum of boring.

It’s okay if your topic is slightly outside of your direct niche. The most obvious way to attract more viewers is to target a broader audience. For example, “The Benefits of a Dog-Friendly Office,” is not exactly advertising cubicles, however, I was able to mention my relevant keywords and people like to read about dogs. (It’s a well-know fact.)

If you happen to be in the wall paint industry, you could write, “10 Ways to Make Your Family Actually Want to Spend Time in the Family Room.” I’m sure plenty of moms would read that.

Just do a simple Google search on what related or similar topics are popular (generating links, shares, likes, comments). Then, put an interesting or unique twist on a previously covered topic to make it better. You’ve heard of the “skyscraper technique,” right? I basically just described it.

Here’s a few other ideas to help you come up with a great topic:

  • Find the questions that your audience is asking about your product, service, or niche. Quora and Yahoo! Answers are great platforms to utilize for this type of content research. Then, thoroughly answer all of their questions in a blog post. Include helpful and relevant images, graphics, or videos.
  • Brainstorm ideas using Q & A sites (like the two I mentioned above), forums, social media groups, and sites such as Buzzsumo or Reddit.

Another example: “Proper Interview Attire: Workplace Fashion that Makes a First Impression,” is definitely not directly related to office cubicles. But, people will always be asking related questions (as long as people are still applying for jobs).

The Catchy Title

In my opinion, creating a title worthy of clicking and spending time reading what opens up next on your browser is one of the most difficult components of blogging or content marketing. The title of your article has to be engaging enough to persuade people to click on it without knowing anything else about your piece. The most popular (well-performing) types of pieces are:

  • Tutorials and “How-to” articles
  • Numbered Lists
  • Ultimate guides and lists
  • Case studies
  • A controversial topic

Leave readers wondering what information you have to share and interested enough to keep reading to find out.

For some niches, such as office cubicles, controversial, super engaging titles can be difficult to create. So, I try to stick to ultimate guides, lists, and tutorials as much as possible.

For example: “The Ultimate Guide to a Minimalist Office Space.”

The Engaging Content

After you have a topic and the title (in some cases the title will come last…that’s okay), it’s time to start writing. You’ve got your reader hooked. Now, you want to keep them reading and hopefully they’ll like your article enough to share it. Here’s a few suggestions for your piece to keep your readers engaged:

  • Utilize multimedia (i.e. images, infographics, videos)
  • Evoke emotions by telling personal stories and making your post relatable
  • Keep your paragraphs short and sweet
  • Include examples
  • Incorporate numbered and bulleted lists, headings, and subheadings
  • Include relevant, factual information and cite trusted sources

If possible, link your content marketing calendar to current events; something that is relevant, and that people care about.

For example: Mother’s Day has just passed. I took advantage of the holiday as an idea for a new post, “The Ultimate Mother’s Day Guide for Working Moms and Their Families.” Not only was my post relevant to current events, but it’s also an “ultimate guide.”

The Promotion

Unfortunately, just producing great content is not enough to generate both traffic and backlinks. Therefore, your work isn’t done yet. PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTE! Have you heard of content outreach?

You will most likely have to spend more time promoting your content than producing it. I won’t get into detail about the endless content promotion techniques and hacks, but Moz has published a great content promotion guide to help you out.

It’s all about getting your spectacular content in front of the right eyes.

So, no more excuses. If your niche is “boring,” make it interesting. You’ll definitely stand out from your competitors who may not have been lucky enough to figure out how to make the topic engaging just yet.