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How To Blog To Increase Online Sales

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Your business blog isn’t just there to help with SEO for your website. It can also be used to increase conversions and encourage more sales from your store. With your blog, you can draw people in with useful content that they enjoy, and include links and references to your products that you can lead your readers to click on. You can use a huge range of methods to improve your blog and make sure that it helps to promote your products. Keeping in mind that it’s also a good idea to avoid talking about your brand 100% of the time on your blog, here are some of the methods you should try out.

Post Regularly

The first rule of blogging is to post consistently, as often as you can. You might only be able to manage one post a month, but it’s better than going for months without posting anything. However, if you can post more often, it’s even better. Regular posts helps to improve SEO for your blog and keeps your readers interested too. If you post often, you can send out emails to your subscribers, letting them know about your new posts. If you’re short on time, you can get someone else to do all the hard work for you.

Be Knowledgeable About Your Products

Showing your knowledge of your products is a great way to generate content for your blog. You can demonstrate that you know your products inside out and can tell your readers how to make the most of them. Some of your blogs posts could focus on a products and helping people who read your posts to choose the right ones or use them in better ways. Depending on what you sell, you could include tutorials for how to use your products or troubleshoot any issues, or perhaps some creative suggestions. For example Urban Ladder have followed Houzz in the way they seed their blog posts with links to their products. This action is ingenious insofar as every blog post is offering real value and instruction so readers’ can redesign their spaces with flair.

Take Inspiration from Your Store

Retail eCommerce sales can not be ignored by any bricks and mortar business as that’s where the growth is occurring. When you run an online store, you need to find creative ways to tell people about your products. People can’t look at and touch the products in person, so you need to use other ways to get them interested. Use your blog to showcase your products and you’ll never run out of topics to write about. For example, if you sell furniture or home decor, you can easily write hundreds of posts with home design inspiration. If you sell clothes, you can create outfit ideas or relate your products to the latest fashion trends.

Link Directly to Your Products

We mentioned Urban Ladder earlier and here’s an example of how they link to link to products in blog posts. Think of how you want to insert links into your posts to encourage people to click on them but ensure they look natural. You might weave links to your products through the post, or you could present a list of products you mentioned at the end of the post. Perhaps include images of each product you mention and link them to product pages. Try to avoid having too many links by choosing just a few products to feature or writing long posts.

Your blog is a great tool to promote your products. Put it to good use so you can increase your sales.