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5 Smart and Effective Ways to Market a Service Business


Marketing a services business can be tricky. Products sell themselves, either you want or need it or you don’t; but services aren’t that tangible and nor are they photographable like a product for that matter. While marketing and indeed selling a service is a little more challenging, it’s definitely doable and there are some great examples, think: Expedia, AirBnB. In fact there are loads of services businesses to watch and learn from so you can market your business well and to it’s intended audience.

Here are five smart and effective ways to spread the word about your services:

1. Use Social Media

With many platforms available, it can become an overwhelming task and a full time role managing social media profiles. To be more effective work smarter – and dedicate time and resources only where your target audience hangs out.

  • Facebook: 88% of users are 18-29; 84% are 30-49; 72% are 50-64
  • Instagram: 59% of users are 18-29; 33% are 30-49; 18% are 50-64
  • Twitter: 36% of users are 18-29; 23% are 30-49; 21% are 50-64
  • LinkedIn: 34% of users are 18-29; 33% are 30-49; 24% are 50-64
  • Pinterest: 36% of users are 18-29; 34% are 30-49; 28% are 50-64

If your business targets people aged 18-29, Facebook and Instagram are the two platforms to focus on.

2. Offer Incentives

Incentives can reel in new customers and you can broaden your reach; and more so when you market in platform or use a strategy like email marketing. Special deals and promotions will get prospective and repeat customers on the phone or through the door.

3. Work On Your Professionalism

Customers only want to use companies that are reputable, professional, trustworthy and thus credible. Work on your professionalism and credibility will soon follow.

How do you work on your professionalism? You can start with your digital assets including your website. Look at C Lee Services. This is a bricks and mortar business – a plumbing company that has embraced their digital presence and worked on getting links to their website review pages on reputable sites like: Yelp. Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, Christian Blue Pages and the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association. When potential customers visit the website, they know that the company is listed and well-rated on these websites. They can also read through reviews from other customers to see what level of service they provide.

4. Stay Connected

Don’t lose touch with your loyal customers. Stay connected by offering value and look after them with coupons which offer discounts. Send them in by direct mail or via email (which you have permission to do so as they are your customers). Remember to use an email service provider that has a functioning unsubscribe feature.

5. Focus on Value – Not Price

Value is the key most important thing in the services industry. Yes, customers care about how much they’ll have to pay. But most people would be willing to spend a little bit more for quality service especially when it’s tailored to their requirements.

When marketing your service keep in mind most people are first and foremost looking for the lowest possible price so consider this carefully in your strategy are these the prospective customers you want or need – they are often the hardest to please.

Provide good quality service professionally and the referrals will come.

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