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Business Website Design: Concepts Of A Successful Build

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In today’s technology-driven society, no business is complete without a good web presence.  It is almost unheard of for a business to find success without some sort of digital visibility.  Social media is a great way to connect with local communities, but you need a well designed home base.

Your business website serves as a designated digital location for your organization, so it is essential to invest time and research into getting it right.  Here are a few of the crucial elements to include in your business website design.

Your home base needs a place for products and services

Your business website should be your digital home base, so you need space designated for showcasing your products and services.  Create a “Products & Services” page, and fill it with all of the best things your business has to offer. 

Make sure you use quality images to display your products and keep the product descriptions brief.  You may use a call-to-action button labeled “more info” to keep web users engaged in your website a little bit longer.

Communication should be a top priority

Communication is a critical factor in many areas of our lives.  Our professional lives require us to communicate daily and building a successful business website relies heavily on how well you engage your visitors to share their thoughts and experiences.

About Us

We wrote this business blog post on how to create a successful About Us page so we won’t regurgitate the content here. Needless to say, the About Us page is one of the most visited on your website, so it needs a lot of thought and regular updates, so it aligns with where your business is today.

Contact Us

Create a “Contact Us” page on your website, and fill it with an array of different mediums through which web users may contact your organization.  In addition to creating a “Contact Us” page, you should encourage communication in other ways throughout your website’s design.  Try adding a small contact form to the homepage, for starters.

Email Marketing

Your contact form can also be used to get visitors onto your email marketing list. Use an ESP like MailChimp or Constant Contact to send out relevant information emails, as this is a perfect inbound marketing tactic that pulls visitors to your site.

Research all things pertaining to SEO

Search engine optimization is what you need to master in order to get your business website in the top of the rankings when people search-relevant keywords on Google.  The benefits of ranking high in the results should be clear, as millions of people will see your site per day.

Optimize your design for mobile access

How people access, the internet has heavily shifted to mobile devices.  Most of the world’s population uses their cell phone, tablet, or iPad to access their favorite sites daily.

Your business website must optimize for mobile users to remain relevant within the industry.  Mobile optimized websites also get priority ranking rights on Google, as Google’s algorithm works to make search engines more user friendly.

Create space for quality content

The more quality content your website produces, the more likely you will rank in the search engines.  Your website is also far more likely to maintain the attention of web users when it contains engaging, enriching content. 

Blogging is a fundamental part of SEO. Create a content marketing strategy and budget for publishing articles, videos and infographics that truly inspire your website traffic to share and remain on your site for longer.

Conversion of your blog posts should be your top goal when measuring the success and ROI of your content. To get a higher conversion rate, include links to other pages on your site, especially your services and products.

Use your dynamic content to reach your audience on social media.