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Best User Monitoring Software: Which One Is the Best?


Have you ever wondered how to control the quality of your employee’s overall performance?

Knowing how to manage your employees effectively is a core aspect of maintaining a successful business. Doing so allows you to help keep them focused and further improve your company. We’ll start our review on the top 3 user activity monitoring software…right now!

1 – Ekran System


  • Employee Monitoring
  • Specialized User Audit
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Security Compliance
  • Activity Logs


Ekran Systems ranks first on our list not only for its features, but its user-friendliness and overall functionality helps companies monitor their user’s performance and activity. You can check on their activity in one central location.

Activity Monitoring

With Ekran Systems, you can monitor user activity on workstations and servers, with RDP, terminal recording, and local recording for both Citrix and Windows platforms. Besides, it has a Telnet SSH session if you prefer to use Linux.

One thing that sets it apart is its flexible licensing scheme. Ekrans Systems fulfils both the needs of SMB and large enterprises.

Specialized Screen Capturing

Based on its screenshot processing, the solution helps playback and record everything that occurs on the network for on-site and remote employees, 3rd party service providers, and privileged users.

Multiple Employee Analysis Tools

Ekrans Systems is managed by a Web-based interface and allows users with numerous tools for analysis. For example, it has live session access, reporting, export, instant alert on events, and keyword-based search.

You’ll like this monitoring software because of its indexed video records. It will help you cover a multiple range of infrastructure configurations. Buy this if you want a high-quality way to inspect your employees and ensure that they are on the right track.

2 – Desktime


  • Automatic Screenshots
  • Screen Capture
  • Analyzes Users Productivity
  • Website Tracking
  • Full Reports


Ranked second on our list is Desktime. Desktime is used as an automatic time tracking software which increases employee productivity by up to 30%. Watch how your employees spend their time both online and offline.

Customized Reports

Also, you can generate custom reports for your customers, plan your employee’s sick days and vacation days, store their contact information in one location, and calculate how much overtime pay you have to give them.

Desk Time Reporting

In fact, you can use the Desk Time Reports feature to make reports on your company’s overall productivity status. Then you can print, export them to a CSV file, or share them. As a result, managers can see their employee’s work and critique them to increase their performance.

Automatic Screenshots

With its auto screenshot feature, it can keep your employees on track. In every 15 minutes, it makes a screenshot of what your employees are doing. After that, the files are saved on every user’s account. Get this software if you’re ready to increase the overall productivity of your business.

3 – Work Examiner


  • Employee Monitoring
  • Multiple Editions for Different Businesses
  • HTTPS Filtering
  • Email Notifications
  • Chat Monitoring


Work Examiner is an employee monitoring software that has multiple tracking options to help you better monitor your workers. It helps you figure out your user’s workday by tracking their data, actions, and activities.

Multiple Editions

It comes in two editions:

  • Standard Edition: This is for small to medium-sized businesses and includes keystroke logging, tracking emails, files, and chats, screenshots, and print jobs. And, you’ll obtain the website reports and an app to help better track employee behaviour.
  • Professional Edition: For medium to enterprise businesses, Work Examiner’s Professional Edition has unlimited remote control management, security management and, Active directory management.

Which One?

We suggest that you get the standard edition if you have up to 20 computers in your business. But if you have over 100 computers, then you should opt for the professional edition. Try this software out if you want to gain optimal control over your employee’s productivity and activity.

However, it ranked last due to its confusing interface. The Ekran System software allows you to monitor their activity without having to pay for another edition. Still, Work Examiner is a great idea if you want to help your workers stay on track.


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