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How to monitor your employees’ business smart devices

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Your latest project involves remote field works, and you have already invested in business smartphones to stay connected with your on-field employees, thereby making the teamwork a huge success.

Well, if you miss the employee monitoring part, you might end up hurting your business quite unexpectedly. In fact, most businesses lacking a mainstream and unfragmented cell phone management platform experience tough times with productivity and security.

While providing company-owned smartphones to the employees is a great move to make communication easier and increase overall work efficiency within the company, you need to make sure that the devices are used the right way and for the right purposes only.

A robust employee monitoring software for smartphones is always the best solution for this as the advanced program, when installed onto the business smartphones of your employees, can get complete legal access to those and collect all relevant data in a user-friendly manner.

Let’s dig deeper into how to achieve the power to get to the truth through the practice of business smartphone monitoring.

Features Of A Business Smartphone Monitoring System

An effective business-oriented smartphone monitoring system typically comes with a wide range of features and functionalities. It also offers an easy to use interface to help employers get the most out of their monitoring practices. Some of the best features of a remote cell phone tracking application include:

• Easy and thorough tracking of all sorts of cell communication data (full contact list; details of inbound, outbound, missed, and deleted calls, SMS, and MMS; date, time, and location of all calls and messages; call duration, identification of numbers, repeatedly contacted numbers, and many more).
• Complete recording of chat messages (incoming, outgoing, and instant messages on all major apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Viber, etc.) along with shared media files.
• Detailed monitoring of GPS locations (exact locations at any moment, online maps with location, route and movement history, etc.)
• Hassle-free checking of all online activities (emails, browsing history, bookmarks, downloads, searched terms, etc.).
• Access to the entire phone media (images and videos including the non-public ones).
Geo-fencing or defining virtual boundaries for employees to prevent them from entering prohibited areas.
• Device controlling power (phone locking, app/website blocking, and information wiping facilities)

Steps To Monitor Your Employee’s Smartphones

User-friendly remote tracking software is straightforward to set up and run. All you need to do is follow these three steps:

1. Take your time to research and compare the top sorted cell phone monitoring applications. Pick one based on your needs and available features. Make sure that the software offers reliable solutions at affordable packages.
2. Find the latest version of the application so that you can leverage the latest features. Simply download and install it onto your employees’ business smartphones.
3. Open it from the browser of your choice, go to the Control Panel, and start monitoring.

Benefits Of Monitoring Employees’ Smartphones

No matter whether your employees are working remotely from a different location within the same state or from a different country miles away from your headquarter, trustworthy monitoring software can help you track them from any part of the world with extreme ease.

In fact, certain state-of-the-art corporate cell phone monitoring software, such as Mspytracker, allows employers to keep a tab on their employees even when they are travelling to another location and their smartphones have no internet connection at all! So, here are the pros that can be reaped by opting for employee monitoring:

• Gives a granular view of employee activities
• Helps scan problem employees
• Prevents fraudulent activities
• Reduces error and improves efficiency
• Boosts workers’ productivity
• Lessens wastage of time
• Promotes team collaboration
• Yields greater transparency
• Maximizes corporate cell phone ROI
• Makes decision-making easier
• Promotes successful delegation
• Gives better control over the workflow
• Averts unexpected cash leaks

In a nutshell, good employee monitoring software for corporate smartphones, such as Mspytracker or others, can save a business operationally and financially. So, be wise and keep monitoring.