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The 5 Ultimate Lead Generation Hacks to Grow your Business

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What could be better than checking your email on a Monday morning and finding that your inbox is flooded with ‘qualified leads’. Indeed, that sounds like a perfect day in the business.

The good news is your business can also enjoy a steady stream of leads consistently, but for this, you need to keep pace with the changing demands and needs of online marketing.

Here are 5 ultimate lead generation hacks that can grow your business in abundance.

1. Personalized Marketing Campaigns 

As per a recent report by Econsultancy, over 52% of digital marketers stated that personalized content is fundamental to your online strategy. In an age of information overload, personalized campaigns are the best way to reach your target audience. Personalized marketing campaigns are all about connecting with your customers as an individual and showing them what your business has to offer.

From emails to content, to adverts and offers everything needs to be in sync with the interests of your customers. With personalized campaigns, you can connect with your audience deeper, from initial engagement to conversions. When people get a personalized experience, they feel special and are more likely to return.

2.  Optimized Lead Generation Form

Your lead form is the first gateway that your customers get through, and to turn them into conversions, you need a well-optimized lead form in place. Your lead forms play an important role in making or breaking your conversion efforts. Lead form optimization has helped so many companies drive revenue.

For example, Expedia gained $12 million in profit just by removing one field from their form. When they realized the field ‘company name’ was causing confusion among customers, they deleted the field and experienced an instant increase in revenue.

Here are some quick tips to optimize your lead generation form:

Let your Lead Generation Form be Short

Are there too many fields in your form? Let’s agree; no one like filling long forms with so many questions. If your form is too long and lengthy, half of the people may leave in between. Make sure your forms are short and straightforward to fill. So, keep the fields limited.

Form Placement

Also, consider where it is placed with the lead-generation form, such as above the fold or below the fold? Let’s dive deep into this point.

Above the fold

Let your form be above-the-fold on your landing page. A visitor does not need to scroll down on the page to see the form or grab the offer, if any. It has been observed, lead generation forms above the fold are more compelling and give better conversion rates. Forms are more visible & direct in this option.

For example, Tom’s Planner ( a web-based project planning software) experimented by placing their sign up form above the fold on their homepage. By placing it above the fold, the company improved its conversion rate by 43.85%.

Below the fold

Though keeping the form above the fold is considered the most ideal option, many businesses have experienced better results by placing the form below the fold.

For instance, Florida Tix (an online ticket specialist company for Florida attractions) witnessed an increase in form submission by 20% when they placed their lead form below the fold. Form placement is essential, but as long as you have unique content on your site, it will keep the users engaged.


Make your CTA button say other than submit – Your CTA button is of great importance. It is your final opportunity to turn your leads into conversions. If you keep your CTA button as ‘submit’ only, then it is a missed opportunity. The other option is customizing it based on what you are offering your visitor.

Call to action wording examples: Save your seat, Claim your coupon, Download an ebook, Sign up for a free trial.

Besides implementing the points mentioned above, you can conduct conversion research and run the tests to identify any friction issues in your lead capture form.

3. Setting up a Referral Program

Referrals are a powerful way to generate leads for your business. Recommendations are considered one of the most trusted ways. This is the reason 92% of consumers go with the recommendations they receive from their network. So, setting up a referral program makes a good option.

Further, as per Deloitte, 1 out of 3 people visit a site or come to a brand through a recommendation. Besides, it has been observed customers who get referred by loyal customers have a 37% higher retention rate.

  • Do your clients love your services?
  • How likely your clients are going to recommend your company within their network?

Believing that you have a great product and your customers will start recommending your company on their own is far from reality. Your customers need an extra push to recommend your company.

To encourage your customers for recommendations, you can give rewards to your customers. When clients get rewards for recommending, then both the parties stand to benefit from it. You can give your loyal customers tips in the form of discount coupons, some free giveaways, or special services. Many companies have adopted this marketing strategy and have benefited a lot.

For example, Prize Candle is an excellent example of this. The company encouraged its users to share their product by giving them an exciting option of earning $10. Further, to increase user participation, they have placed the referral program link at a prominent position right at the top left of their header, and it appears on every page of the website. The company witnessed an increased customer base after implementing this referral program.

Thus, referral programs can work wonders for you and help you in increasing your conversion rates. All you have to do is come up with engaging methods.

4. Using Marketing Automation for Lead Nurturing

Well gone are the days of email blasts when a standard email was sent to the entire database of your leads. Now marketers need to build personalized email campaigns targeting a customer’s purchase journey. Targeted email campaigns are a smart technique for lead nurturing.

Here, marketing automation software plays an important role, as it allows marketers to engage with their customers using email marketing sequences. Sequences are a series of emails that engage with customers depending upon the various stages of their buying cycle. Further, these emails are sent to an individual/prospective buyer in response to action triggered or a combination of measures.

For example, If someone has just signed up for your newsletter or to a marketing section of a blog, then checked a particular product on your site gets an email talking about the benefits of that product. It can be an email about how the product is differentiated. This is called brilliant lead nurturing and helps you in increasing your lead conversion rate.

5. Evaluate content via A/B Testing

You can evaluate the effectiveness of content on your website after conducting A/B testing.

Did you know?

  • A/B testing is the most used method for increasing conversions
  • Over 44% of business use A/B testing resources

Via data-driven A/B testing, you can optimize the content on your website to generate more leads and conversions. You can test CTAs, marketing copy, company logo design, headlines on your product pages, landing pages, sign up forms, and even blogs. Even a minor tweak in the headline or by changing the shape of the sign-up form, or as little as changing the color of the CTA button can increase the leads coming to your business. With A/B testing, you can make methodical changes in your content to make it more effective.

Surprisingly, no changes were made in the ebook content; somewhat, they tweaked the title in ‘Version B’ and saw a 115% jump in the no. of leads. Even a minor change can bring significant results.


Implement the above-listed hacks to ensure your business enjoys a steady lead flow. And conduct conversion research from time to time to eliminate points of friction. These tried hacks will surely help you have a huge leg up against the competition. Good luck!

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