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Legacy Modernization in the Age of Cyberattacks

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It is impossible to ignore the recent cyberattacks on both public and private companies. From the WannaCry ransomware attack that wreaked havoc around the world, to the latest Equifax, SEC, and Deloitte cyberattacks, it seems as if these events are becoming more commonplace. Cyberattacks are extremely costly to any organization. From the cost of the bad publicity surrounding the organization due to the breach, to loss in business and costs for recovery of information and even legal fees — it is clearly in a business’ best interest to put in place the necessary precautions to protect your company and customers.

Public and private companies both need to be investing more money into cybersecurity if they want to prevent cyberattacks. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that most companies do not make this decision until they have already been affected by a cyberattack. Even with the most recent SEC attack, a government agency, it was not until after the breach that they made a statement about increasing their investment into cybersecurity measures now and in the future.

One Step to Beefing Up Cybersecurity

If your organization is able to recognize it needs to beef up its cybersecurity budget — especially prior to an actual data breach or cyberattack —  the next step is figuring out the actual steps for investing this money into your IT organization so that it is able to best defend itself against these cyberattacks. One solution to this problem lies in modernizing your legacy IT system. An outdated legacy system can pose a serious threat to your organization’s ability to defend against a cyberattack and is absolutely putting your organization and data at risk.

It is very typical for legacy IT systems to be built with hardware and software that can simply no longer be supported in the current technology environment. Another issue with legacy IT systems is that they are expensive and difficult to maintain. This is because with the rapidly changing technology landscape it is difficult to find IT professionals with the capacity to maintain old and outdated legacy systems. Without these updates and proper maintenance, your organization is at a much higher risk for data breaches and cybersecurity attacks. The fact of the matter is that legacy IT systems are more vulnerable to these attacks than the more modern systems available today. The solution? Legacy IT modernization.

Increase Security With IT Legacy Modernization

If your services aren’t tailored to the technology space and you are unsure of where to start, a legacy modernization company will be able to guide your organization through the entire legacy IT modernization process, ensuring there are no hiccups in IT service while also making sure that all stakeholders are on board throughout the modernization process. With legacy IT modernization, your legacy IT system is modernized to meet current technology and business practices within the organization while ensuring greater cybersecurity features and security compliance. This, in turn, will save your organization time and money on legacy IT maintenance, while also saving money by thwarting off potential cyber attacks.

While no one organization is immune to data breaches or cyberattacks, it is in one’s best interest to shore up their defences against these attacks. How are IT professionals within your organization preparing for cyberattacks and data breaches? Leave your comments below.

About the Author

Alexandra Bohigian is a product specialist at Enola Labs Software, a leader in cloud-enabled web solutions for enterprise clients across the United States.