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Why Big Data Matters to Your Business

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Customer data is probably the most vital asset of a business.

How is your company capturing and utilizing customer data in marketing campaigns?

Every business has customer data. However, many are missing out on sales due to a lack of understanding of using it.

Your business could survive without a deeper understanding of customer behaviours and proper data management, but there are many reasons why it shouldn’t.

In this article, we look at why it’s time to up the ante and use resources to get more customer data.

Better Understanding of Your Customers

Businesses that leverage the insight big data can provide about their customers can achieve tremendous growth.

According to research, gathering and managing data helps you better understand the target market, who your customers are and what they’re most interested in.

With clear data insights, you’re empowered to create offerings customers need and want. Therefore analyzing customer behaviors makes it much easier to identify trends and even predict market opportunities for your business.

Improves Decision Making

The right data helps businesses answer critical questions that help them become more successful and competitive.

Data helps your business become more informed, efficient and in a position to make wiser decisions. With the widespread availability of critical business and customer data across an organization, better fact-based decisions can be made.

If you look at most successful businesses today, the majority of the top-level strategic decisions and business plans are usually based on big data. To ensure that the data collected is valuable, you have to improve data quality and access.

Improves Business Operations

Strategic data can help businesses run smoothly and efficiently. From customer services to warehouse management, sales to inventory management, data is the basis for improving their operational processes and actions.

Businesses spent over $20 billion in big data services and technology in 2015 alone.

This has played a role in streamlining operations, eliminating waste, improving quality control and driving continuous improvement in various business processes. Nearly every aspect of business can be optimized and improved using data.

Helps Deliver Better Products or Services

Big data helps create a whole new customer value proposition. With accurate data in your hands, your business is able to deliver better products or services to customers.

For instance, when you download any mobile app, you’ll likely be asked to rate the app at some point. Why? Because the data helps app developers improve app performance and user experience.

Using the data collected, businesses can monitor performance, sales and customer interaction with each aspect of their business products and services.

Are more people asking about your services on social media? This could help you improve your social media marketing strategy for your services or products. Big data offers invaluable in helping you serve your customers better.


If you’re still convinced that big data isn’t relevant for your business, you’ve got your head in the sand. Everyone needs data to make informed decisions. If data is properly collected, managed, updated and enhanced, then faster access to all employees in the organization is facilitated, increasing overall business and employee efficiency. Big data is an asset for every business and having a strategic plan on how to collect, use and protect data is critical in ensuring success.