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Ways to Boost Productivity in The Office

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It doesn’t matter how much you may hate or love your office job, it can be hard to maintain your motivation and enthusiasm for a job that you do everyday of the week. If you find yourself sitting at your desk for the majority of the working day, twiddling your thumbs and hoping for some excitement, the chances are high that you need to find some motivation. Read on to discover the best tips and tricks for when it comes to remaining, happy, focused and productive in a working environment.

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It’s highly likely that you know organisation is key. Create a daily plan when you arrive at work in the morning, full of important tasks that you wish to complete. Arriving at work slightly earlier will help you to plan your day without any interruptions and you’ll find yourself in a more positive mind-set ready for the tasks ahead. As well as this, creating a thorough plan at the beginning of each week will allow you to allocate tasks to each day without missing things out.

Allocate a power hour during the first hour of each day to focus on completing the most tedious of tasks. The feeling of achievement you get from crossing them off your list will help to keep you motivated for the rest of the day.

Give Yourself a Break

Don’t go under the mind-set that you need to work intensely every minute of the working day – this is a key problem when it comes to lack of motivation. Spread small breaks throughout your working day to help you stay fresh and keen. Everybody needs a little time out to kick back and relax.

As well as allocating periods of your day to take breaks, allocate specific time periods to various tasks. Alternate between tedious work and things you actually enjoy doing so that your mind does not start to wander.

Listen to Music

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to have music blasting through the walls. Low-volume background music can help to cover distracting noises made by co-workers and keep your mind in a relaxed and productive state. Choose neutral tunes that will not distract you from your work. Agree with the office whether it would be beneficial to have a speaker for everyone to listen to, or just opt for your own earphones.

Remain Hydrated

Keep a water bottle on your desk so that you can take a sip whenever feeling thirsty. Drinking water will keep you hydrated and healthy, ensuring that your brain is functioning at all times. If you find yourself starting at a computer for long periods of time, it can be easy to gain a headache, so staying hydrated will minimise this risk greatly.

Stay Professional

Checking social media and answering personal emails while you are at work may not seem like a big deal, but you may not realise just how much time it can take up. Stay focused on your work and keep your private and professional lives completely separate.