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Does Your Business Website Have These Five Elements?

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Look at your business website. Does it pique your visual and mental interests? If the answer is no, then it is clear that your website needs an upgrade. Though there is no set format for web design that works better than all the rest, a few common elements of design have been proven to help boost site effectiveness.

Read along as we summarize a short explanation of five of the most effective elements of a successful business web design, and see how your website rates in comparison.

Homepage design should be visually pleasing

The website’s homepage should set the stage for a site-wide color scheme and theme. Navigation from the homepage should make sense and be self explanatory. Work through some of the most visually appealing aspects of the site while designing the perfect homepage.

Designers have less than ten seconds to hold the attention of web users, so it pays to research what works. Bear the company’s logo with pride using the site’s well-designed homepage.

Communication should be a priority

Communication should be a top priority for every business website. Good businesses promote good communication. Customers should have no trouble voicing their concerns or compliments and receiving a competent answer.

Study the basic elements of a great “Contact Us” page to build a more efficient design. A comprehensive “Contact Us” page should have an easily submitted contact form for web users to voice their thoughts and opinions, along with telephone numbers, addresses, and any other information deemed important by designers.

Let the public know a bit about the company

Though it may seem like a boring addition to a site’s design, the “About Us” page link is an essential component of a business website. Here is where the company has an opportunity to build their public image with content.

Allow the people to know a little inside information about a few of the key professionals in the organization. When people feel they know something personal about the business, there is a mutual rapport built.

Content rules the digital world

Content is the most important aspect of any website. The internet is composed of millions of pages of content and information.

The trick is to make the content/information on your website stand apart from all the rest. Creative and enriching blog posts are a great way to build useful content on a business website.

There are always common questions

There are almost always a few repetitive questions that tend to circulate through the “questions and concerns” box. Take the chance to cut down on unnecessary communications, and design a comprehensive and thorough Frequently Asked Questions page.