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Crucial Tips for Business Travellers Visiting Singapore

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Singapore is not only well-known as a global hub for businesses but it has also been ranked the world’s best after London by consultancy, PwC and in this article we have a list of tips for business travellers to Singapore. These valuable tips come from One Visa, a business providing expert assistance with Singapore employment pass services for International business people. Based on their knowledge and experience with ‘all things’ business travel, this article presents a list of crucial tips for business travel in Singapore. We hope that these tips will be helpful for all business visitors to the city. Just read on.

Connections and Networks:

While you are travelling abroad, the most common issue you’ll face is with mobile networks. But in Singapore, this should not be a problem because you can establish a connection quite easily. Several global mobile companies have active mobile telecom agreements. However, we recommend getting a local SIM, which is the easiest way to stay connected.

There is absolutely no need to worry about internet access during your visit here, as you can find them in cafes and hotels. Most importantly, the city provides a free WiFi service, which can be accessed by registering your phone number. Furthermore, you can find public phone booths all throughout the city.

Business Cards:

Remember, business cards will be exchanged between people at each and every business and/or social event in Singapore. So, before you depart from your home country, make sure that you have plenty of cards with you. When you meet new people, always be ready to give, as well as receive business cards. It is important to give or receive cards with both hands. This is regarded as accepted business etiquette in Singapore, as influenced by China.

Corporate Entertainment:

The city is very famous for corporate entertainment. Here, the business will be done over lunches and dinners more frequently than in offices. In this instance, you must note that smoking is not overly accepted by the business people in Singapore, and it is a prohibited act in several places. So, you must get to know about restrictions like these well in advance to avoid problems later, or you may be on the wrong end of a fine like this smoker who was fined $15,000 for cigarette butts out his flat window.


Singapore is close to the equator, and hence the climate is tropical, which means that the weather will be hot and humid. Singapore is a wonderful city to explore on foot, and we would recommend you plan your outdoor exercise and walking excursions during the coolest part of the day, early morning and late evening. Spend more time indoors during the hottest and most humid time of day. Also, remember to keep yourself hydrated to keep cool and healthy. The heat and humidity will make you lethargic until you’ve acclimatised.

Another thing about the city’s climate is that there will be lots of rain throughout the year, so keep a raincoat or umbrella nearby.


There are many options for transportation in Singapore. Taxis and/or Uber are less expensive and air-conditioned here than in other major cities. Alternatively, if you want to save some bucks, go for the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), which is cheaper and often faster. Herein, we recommend you plan in advance all travel because punctuality for business meetings, in particular, is expected.

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