How to persuade the people who work for you to work longer hours


Running a business necessitates the best use of resources. One of the biggest and most important resources a business has is its employees. Making best use of this resource can, at times, mean persuading employees to work additional hours, sometimes without the payment of overtime being an option. This need for excess working hours can come at times such as when new orders arrive. In time, these orders may become regular, and lead to an increase in the size of the workforce. But, at that original point in time, an effort is required by all parties, in order to secure the most benefit from the new orders.

Persuading people to work additional hours is not easy, but it can be done, if approached in the right way. Many business owners look to inspirational speakers to provide them with the support and inspiration they need to enable them to work with their employees, to put in the extra work and help to grow the business.

Making the most of additional working hours

Many employees do not mind working additional hours, if they feel that the time is productive. They start to object when time is wasted. This can be down to various issues, such as miscommunication, indecision and ineffective working processes. Any business leader who wants to persuade people that working longer hours is beneficial, needs to make sure that those extra hours are being used as efficiently as possible.

Offering other incentives

If it’s not possible to give people money for working extra hours, it may be possible to offer a different incentive. Is it possible to offer them some time off at a less busy time of the month? Is it possible to offer them access to free products? Of course, it’s important to balance the positives of the extra man hours against the financial implication of offering incentives.

Making people feel part of the business

One of the best ways of getting people to work hard, and put in extra hours, is to make them feel valued and included. This can be done by offering them rewards when productivity increases, making sure specific praise is given where it’s due and communicating openly and honestly. Remember that it’s important to show people appreciation at all times; not just when something is needed. Doing this, makes them more likely to want to help when it’s necessary for them to put in some extra time, when business gets busy.

Consider payment of expenses

If it’s not possible to pay additional wages to people who work extra hours, it may be possible to help with expenses they incur as a result. People may be more inclined to work an extra hour or two if a snack is included, or if help is given towards any additional child care that is needed. It’s a way of acknowledging the fact that people are working to help towards the success of the business.

If you are running a business you need the people who work for you to be on board with what you are trying to achieve. It’s important to always communicate in a clear and open manner, and to foster an atmosphere where people feel able to express their opinion, as long as it’s done in a constructive manner. If you have this type of environment in your business, employees are more likely to want to work hard to make the business a success. Add to this any of the suggestions we have mentioned in this article, and you should find it easier to persuade people to work extra hours for you.

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