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Tackling Mental Health in the Workplace

On average, employees will spend more time at their office or other place of work than their own home. With this in mind, it’s key that staff feel comfortable and supported no matter what their role is. Mental health has featured on the agenda of many different companies, as businesses strive to provide mental health policies for those who need additional help.

Paying attention to mental health is no longer something businesses can avoid. 1 in 6 employees are said to be dealing with a mental health problem, with work-related stress often found more in women.

Understanding what could be triggering for someone struggling with mental health can be incredibly beneficial in tackling mental health effectively. Furthermore, making sure employees can recognise the signs of mental health struggles and having support on hand are methods to ensure those who need help will receive it. Attic Recruitment offer some tips and advice on mental health in the workplace.

Dealing with mental health problems at work

Anxiety, stress and depression are all different states of mental health and sometimes the simplest of things can become a difficult task when faced with these emotions. Combined with workloads, organisational change, workplace sexism and the gender pay gap, it becomes easier to see why an employee may struggle with positive mental health.

Mental health in the workplace can become increasingly difficult to deal with, and can often result in staff taking time off work to deal with stress or depression. For businesses, it is essential to promote positivity and support in order to maintain an efficient and optimistic work environment.

It’s important that employees and employers are able to recognise when someone might be under particular stress or feeling down. Often employees will suffer in silence, especially if the choice is between that or telling a manager. Many members of staff will feel highly uncomfortable in sharing their personal feelings; this is part of a workplace culture that you can change, given time.

Taking positive steps

It is down to whole teams and departments to help change the culture in the office, warehouse or other work environment. Ensuring support processes are in place can be a huge help, as it can notify to staff that the business is open to hearing and helping with mental health struggles.

It is also key that senior members of staff remain approachable and are able to set a good example. Whether it’s being a trusted confidante, or being able to put your colleagues in touch with the right support network, taboos and stigma must continue to be broken down between staff.

Whether you are new to the business, or you have worked there for years, it’s important to do your part. This could be anything, no matter how big or small; even just asking someone if they are okay or offering a cup of tea!

For those new starters however, it’s crucial to understand just how daunting a new role can be for someone who is particularly susceptible to feeling out of sorts. If you’re looking for a new job, it’s important to feel confident in the business you are joining and be sure to check what support is available, should you need it.

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