Why Business Owners Should Outsource their Admin Work

signatureRunning a business presents different kinds of challenges to the owners and managers. One may be able to handle a small business at the start but as time goes by and more customers are coming in, there’s a need to add people to the team and delegate the minor tasks to them.

Fortunately, business owners have various options today when getting the right people to help them in their operations. They can hire a virtual assistant (VA) who can work remotely and not necessarily in their office or hire on-demand online services depending on their needs. This can save them time and money moving forward and can help them grow their business even more as they are able to prioritize the important tasks that matter in their operations.

Another reason for outsourcing administrative work to independent contractors is flexibility. You don’t have to implement a set time for your remote staff which means they can accomplish their tasks at their own pace and time. What matters is they meet the deadlines you set. Additionally, these people have varied skills that allow them to perform different kinds of admin work.

In the U.S., a 2015 survey done by Pew Research Center noted that 72 percent of Americans have used some type of shared or on-demand online service. Some four percent have hired someone online to do an errand or task.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

In recent years, the virtual assistance service has grown considerably around the world. This is a result of business owners and corporate executives particularly in developed countries such as the U.S., Australia and the U.K. hiring more VAs to do minor administrative or clerical tasks for them.

Getting a VA can help reduce your labor cost. As they are independent contractors, you avoid paying payroll taxes as well as paying for their vacation or sick leave and even health and dental insurance. They are your on-call staff that can work around your schedule and that you pay only for the time they spend on your project or tasks.

Depending on your needs, you may hire a VA who can work remotely in their homes or you may schedule him or her to work in your office several times in a week or month. Make sure to find a competent one who has the right skills to do all the tasks that you require.

The main benefit of having a virtual assistant is freeing up your time as a business owner or manager so you can focus on the more important things to run your business successfully.

Tasks that can be outsourced to a general VA today are email and social media management, booking appointments with clients, managing calendars, research on topics for blog posts or articles, flight booking, transcription, recruitment, creating basic reports, creating social media accounts, managing websites or blogs, commenting on blogs and writing blog posts.

Hiring On-Demand Service

Another option is finding an on-demand service that can meet your needs. They are called on-demand because they usually provide the service that you want whenever you want them. Companies in this category such as Workfast offer different types of services from doing groceries and picking up something from a restaurant to providing massage therapists, packing and shipping items, to your home and getting a ride via a taxi or a personal car used in a car-sharing service.

Reports have noted the rapid growth of startups offering on-demand services today. This is attributed to the internet and mobile technologies that have allowed people to get the products and services they want at a time they most need it.

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